All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1900 item #1241188
Approx. 23.5" high. Note break to socle repaired and stable.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1960 item #24759 (stock #2006)
20th century Chinese carved lapis fisherman. Minor chip on the tail of the fish. H: 6 ¾ inches
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1700 item #647702
Rare and attractive original Sandstone Head of Buddha, Ayutthaya Period (1351-1767 AD.), mounted, solid, Siam, size H. 33 x W. 17cm with base (head alone 24 x 17 cm)
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1800 item #1302579
Very well carved Chinese Shoushane carving, depicting a lohan in standing position holding a staff with the right hand and a small Foo.Dog with the left, finely incised throughout, from late 18th/early 19th century period. Size; Height of carving is 8 inches long, in good condition with no imperfections.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1960 item #24762 (stock #2009)
Chinese jade covered jar carved with dragon and phoenix design. Ca.1950. Good color and condition. H: 6 ½ inches, W: 3 ½ inches
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1800 item #1021287
Rare Burmese 18th Century Shan State hand carved white Alabaster Disciple in adoration. Solid and heavy piece. Polychrome with some discoloration due to age, condition: good. Size: H. 20" x W. 11.5" x D. 7.5"
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 2000 item #1335900
David Anthony
A tightly composed abstract sculpture with rounded contours having a central opening. The finish is grey to slate grey which exposes subtly some of the grain of the stone. One side has a rough gravely texture, which when considered with the smoother portions suggests an adumbration of a human face. The sculpture is signed Pat A. It comes with a stone oblong plinth for display. The condition is generally quite good but suffers light random abrasions here and there...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1920 item #24785 (stock #2011)
Chinese white jade carving depicting the legend of the Red Chamber, young lovers Bao Yu and Dai Yu on a wood stand. Ca.1920. H: 5 ¾ inches, W: 4 ½ inches
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1492 item #584109
A rare 16th Century AVA Period Limestone Head of Buddha (Burma 1287 - 1752) with sweeping eyebrows and downcast eyes, typical for the Ava period-style, well modeled lips and elongated ears. Carved in high relief as most likely originally set against a back slab. Condition: good except one area of left cheek next to ear shows a little concussion as well as a spot on top of head. This head has been nicely mounted on a black stand. Size: H. 17cm x W. 12cm x D. 10cm, excluding stand.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre AD 1000 item #1198051 (stock #2629)
King Art
Head of Young Roman Man: Circa 1st Century AD. This stunning example of Antique Roman Sculpture is carved marble 8.5" H mounted on a modern pedastal. Condition: some normal weathering, part of nose missing.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1970 item #1077473 (stock #OSS771)
Original unique gray Carrara marble sculpture by Francine Richman (France, Canada, 20th century), circa 1960-1970s. Incised "Richman" signature. Also bears a plaque on its slate base incised "F. Richman". 11" by 10" by 7". Henry Moore inspired sculpture by this well-regarded Paris-born Canadian sculptor.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1980 item #852450 (stock #01467)
A 3-1/2" long and 3-7/8" high vintage Inuit stone carving of a bird. This carving is signed by Josie Pappy E-9-861 (JOSIE PAMIUTU PAPIALUK 1918-1996). This item is in excellent vintage condition with no cracks, chips, losses, damage or repairs - some scrapes, which occur with this type of stone. All items are thoroughly and conservatively graded and all condition issues are noted; all items are secondhand and may have slight signs of gentle use. Tracked packet air post to the U.S...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1980 item #1332417 (stock #21857)
Daniel Simhon Fine Art
Price on Request
Original marble sculpture by Ruth Ingeborg Andris (Chicago, 1930-2014). 12" high including square wood base, 7" wide. Ruth Andris is known as a Chicago sculptor and artist. She studied at the AIC, at the Chicago Academy of Fine Art, and with sculptor Cosmo Campoli. Her works in stone and bronze were exhibited at the AIC, the Ceres Gallery in New York, the Peace Museum, the Benjamin Galleries, etc.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 2000 item #25013 (stock #3304)
Contemporary jadeite carving. This is a very nice newer carving. The color is unusual, light blue green with a little amber spread here and there. Carved as an ear of corn with the husk peeled off, a small plant (maybe pepper) is carved around the bottom. H: 5 inches, W: 2 inches, D: 1 ½ inches
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 2000 item #30027
Hand carved limestone gargoyle interpreted by Oleg koleurochnikov from the cathedral of St Nizier, Lyon, France-25 inches high and 13inches at the base--carved in the last ten years-no condition problem-if you want condition problems, I can oblige--displayed in my shop with a long stem tropical flower in his mouth-- in my gallery window it stops traffic--heavy-can be used in garden or indoors
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1900 item #946979 (stock #ha-787)
This delightful marble sculpture, after a model by Claude Michel Clodion (1738-1814), depicts two cherubs wearing crowns of grapes and leaves, at play beside a goat. Inscribed "Clodion 1886". Measures 40" tall, 32" wide and 21" deep (101.6 by 81.3 by 53.3 cm). It was purchased from lot 372 in sale 1716 at Christie's in New York on 10/24/06. Condition is excellent. There are chip losses, consistent with age, around the perimeter of the base, but no major damage nor signs of restoration...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Contemporary item #1017972
Large Chinese spinach green nephrite jade bolder carved with scene of old scholars in mountain setting, on one side 5 scholarly old men make music and contemplate a scroll in front of a mountain pavilion, they are surrounded by rock formations, pine and bamboo, below is a stream and small waterfall, the scene continues around the jade rock, another pavilion is tucked away high in the mountain and a stairway rises up from the mist and bamboo, on the reverse two old men sit and ponder a board...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1950 item #1315175
what pdx
India C1950 Marble Ram sculpture from The Palace of a Prince, extremely well carved once one of a pair at the bottom of the staircase in the palace. This piece came directly from the exporter that collected the piece on site.The other sculpture is floating around Los Angeles somewhere . The horn need repair otherwise in good condition. Size L 20" H 24" W 8" approximately 120 pounds