All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 1930 item #1263623 (stock #639)
Gustav Adolph "Dolph" Hensel was born in Germany and came to the U.S. in 1906. He was a Lutheran minister who settled in Wisconsin and later moved to San Francisco, where he was pastor of St. John's Reform Church until 1922. Hensel was also an artist who mainly painted portraits and religious genre. He spent three years as a missionary in Africa during the 1920s, and it may have been during this period that he painted this middle eastern scene...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : Pre 1950 item #1263465 (stock #2815)
Finely executed, mid-century, signed painting, oil on wood panel, "W. Maas" lower left, European Cityscape and outdoor Floral Market. 7.5" x 9.5" (19.05 x 24.13 cm), gesso and giltwood frame to 13.5" x 15.5" x 2" (34.29 x 39.37 x 5.08 cm). Many Dutch painters have the name, "Maas," or some variation of the spelling, and we have not been able to identify this particular artist. Small losses upper left, appears to be inpainting to the sky (more noticeable in photos than in person...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : Dutch : Pre 1900 item #1263233
Art Cache
"Sail Boat and Windmill" Oil on canvas 20' x 26 5/8" w/o frame. Jacob started painting at age 12 and eventually enrolled in the Hague Academy of Art. An art dealer recognized his talent and saw to it that Jacob was able to work in the studio of Hubertus van Hove. There he painted interiors as well as figurative and genre works. Van Hove moved to Antwerp and the nineteen-year-old Maris went with him...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : Russian : Pre 1950 item #1263219
20" x 16", oil on canvas, signed lower right. David Burliuk was a central figure in the history of the Russian avant-garde movement as an accomplished poet, art critic, and exhibition organizer. "He was one of the world's first hippies, and painted the words 'I Burliuk' on his forehead and stood on street corners reciting poetry." He was born into a privileged class of Russian society...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : German : Pre 1920 item #1262889
The Bodhisattva Collection
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From our European Collection, a fine and quite large oil on canvas of a seated gentleman, by Ignaz Marcel Gaugengigl 1855-1932. The painting here signed but undated, but most likely 3rd quarter 19th century, and likely no later than 1920. The following information courtesy of Wikipedia:

Gaugengigl was a German-American painter and engraver who worked primarily in the United States. He specialized in portraits and historical paintings...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : Dutch : Pre 1700 item #1262651

H 31.5 in x W 28 in. (framed)

A circa 1700 Dutch Tavern scene, in the manner of Jan Baptiste Lambrechts (Antwerp, 1680 - after 1731). The tableau features four gentleman surrounding a table, smoking and drinking, with a female companion and serving maid. An excellent example of Dutch "Golden Age" genre painting. Oil on canvas.

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1920 item #1262621 (stock #38B20 355)
Louis Aston Knight (American, 1873-1948) - Old Covered Bridge, Bennington, Vermont original landscape painting. Oil on canvas. Circa 1915-1918. Canvas size: 26 inches x 32 inches. Signed in lower left. Louis Aston Knight was born in Paris, France, and was son of the American ex-patriot artist Daniel Ridgway Knight. He attended the Chigwell School in England and then began his artistic training under his father...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1940 item #1262618 (stock #38B20 373)
Luigi Lucioni (Italian/American, 1900-1988) - Autumnal landscape painting of Owl's Head peak, Dorset, Vermont. Dated 1940. Signed in lower right. Oil on artist board. Size: 7 inches x 9.5 inches. An original small oil painting by Luigi Lucioni. Lucioni was a noted painter and engraver. Born in northern Italy, he immigrated to the U.S.A. in 1911 and settled in N. Bergen, New Jersey. He studied at Cooper Union and the National Academy of Design in New York and exhibited widely at the Penn...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : Pre 1940 item #1262615 (stock #22)
Gift Of Life
Oil on canvas.Signed N.Joergensen Denmark circa 1930 - 1940.Shows a lady in a melancholic depressive mood.Framed without glass. Size:58 x 43 cm / 23" x 16" .No damages, excellent condition.
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : Russian : Pre 1950 item #1262608
Russian Soviet Realism painting titled the in Cyrillic the Freeing of Odessa-dated 1948 signed by listed artist, A,L Glandin-from Gallery NR 50 with offices in Moscow and Amsterdam-has certificate of origin affixed to back signed by gallery owner-scene depicts Soviet Army tank destroyer unit armed with 51 caliber single shot rifles with ranges of over a mile--these were devastating to German tanks--variations of weapon still in inventory-13 inches by 16 inches-no condition problems-dramatic scen...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : Pre 1800 item #1262598
18th Century European, "A Shepherd in the Mountains". This is a beautiful pastoral scene of a shepherd tending his flock in the glowing light of the setting sun. Oil on board, 10 1/4 x 14 1/4 inches, c. 1790s, unsigned, in a handcarved gilt frame.
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 1900 item #1262588
Painted on art board by Reeves. This young Gentleman has rugged looks, not the sort of person you would want to get on the wrong side of, long sideburns, wearing formal attire of the 1860’s. Unsigned, unframed, having said that there is a tatty original frame not to be recommended. A nice addition for a collector of portraits. Size: 60cm by 50cm
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 1930 item #1262587
A most charming little painting of the Cornish Coast with figures and birds. Sydney Beer was born in Devon and spent most of his career capturing the delights of the Welsh Country, especially the coast. This is a little gem in its original ebonised and glazed frame, signed lower right. Size: 21.25cm by 26.5cm
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 1900 item #1262585
Figures in a coastal landscape with a castle and mountains beyond. In the absence of a signature I have attributed to Alfred Vickers Senior but fifty years of dealing in Art tells me that this is by the artist. Referring to the restoration, it has been professionally relined some time ago, there are small areas of cracking and paint loss in the sky, the actual scene is ok. Alfred Vickers Senior was a self taught landscape painter. He exhibited 125 works at The Royal Academy and elsewhere. His...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1920 item #1262525 (stock #638)
Carmel Cottage Garden by William Constable Adam (1846-1931), signed lower center. Known as "Professor" Adam, he specialized in views of the Monterey area such as sand dunes, cottage and garden scenes. He was born in England and studied in Paris. Moved to California in 1894 to Pacific Grove Monterey. Member of the Boston Art Club; Glasgow Art Club His work is in the Silverado Museum St Helena, Santa Cruz Museum; and Monterey museum Ca. Canvas size 16"L x 20"W. in the original arts & crafts era f...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : Russian : Pre 1970 item #1262521
Intriguing Soviet Russian oil of cityscape of Moscow at dusk-signed and dated-Socialist Realism featuring the Moscow pedagogical institute-artist is Aleksey Prokopenko 1926-1998--has certificate of origin affixed to back from Gallery Nr 50 with offices in Moscow and Amsterdam-15.75 inches by 19.75--add 2.5 inches all around for decent frame-no condition problems--very nice painting that captures the period
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1940 item #1262519
Paul Saling, American, 1876-1936, "A Rocky Coast". This is a very fine original seascape, oil on masonite, 14 x 13 3/4 inches, c. 1930, signed, in a modern heavily gilded art deco style frame. Born in Germany, Saling emigrated to America through Ellis Island in 1893 at the age of 17. He was a successful decorator and artist first in New York City, then in Hartford, Connecticut. In the late 1920s, he moved to Lyme, Connecticut, the setting for many of his landscapes. He was a member of many prest...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : Russian : Pre 1970 item #1262518
Soviet Russian Socialist Realism oil painting portrait of Russian oil worker-by Ivan Filchev-has Gallery Nr 50 certificate of origin dated 1965--gallery is located in Moscow and Amsterdam- 13 inches by 10 inches add 2.5 inches for decent frame -no condition problems-artist listed and has sales records