Japanese L. 20th Century Cloisonné Enamel Koro Oriental Treasure Box $1,950.00
china coral vvv The Tretiak Collection
Japanese Kyoto costume doll L'Asie Exotique $750.00
china barush restt wood and The Tretiak Collection
Old Japanese Nanbu Tetsubin TAN $900.00
china old lioon tpgg;e The Tretiak Collection
china tibet necklace The Tretiak Collection
Tetsubin by Master Kikuchi 保寿堂 菊地正直 (熊治) TAN $1,000.00
Plaster bust of woman hotoke antiques $100.00
cgubab hade bead The Tretiak Collection
Testsubin (Cast Iron Kettle) 1.25 L (approx) TAN $200.00
YIXing zisha teapot. TAN $170.00
Japan Tetsubin by Kenichiro Iwato 1.8L (Handicraft) TAN $800.00
chiaii blue blhjw russ The Tretiak Collection
Antique Islamic Arab Silver Inlaid iron Prick Spur 18 -19th Century Hundred and One Antiques $650.00
Tibetan Brass Copper and Wood Buddhist Prayer Wheel what pdx $225.00
Chinese Art pottery Tall Flambe Glazed vase what pdx $295.00
Museum Replica of a Roman Marble Fragment what pdx $95.00