Mosser Green Irridized Dahlia Tumbler Two J's $18.00
Fenton Champagne Pink Irridized 8" Leaf Tray Two J's $26.00
Fenton Green Butterfly Two J's $25.00
Fenton Diamond Lace Footed Bowl w/Nymph Rosalene Two J's $175.00
Glass Review back issues available Two J's $5.00
Viking Leaf Bell Yellow Satin Frost Curio Cabinet Antiques $25.00
Viking Leaf Bell Yellow Curio Cabinet Antiques $25.00
Fenton Atlantis Bell, Aqua Amber Carnival Two J's $65.00
Fenton Dancing Ladies Cobalt Vase with Snowcrest Two J's $95.00
Fenton Rosalene Daffodil Vase 8" Two J's $78.00
Fenton Pearlized Pink Butterfly Two J's $28.00
Fenton Crystal Bear with Green Heart Two J's $18.00
Fenton Huron Red Carnival Tumbler Two J's $24.00
FENTON PINK ELEPHANT Fostglass Original Glass Collectibles $25.00
FENTON WHITE LAMB - IRISH TREASURE Fostglass Original Glass Collectibles $35.00
Vittorio Ferro Murano Murrine Vase Antiques On Bardwell $980.00
Fenton Rosalene Lamb's Tongue 8" Basket Two J's $85.00
Fenton Priscilla Salem Blue 10" Bowl Two J's $45.00