Antique 19th Century Embroidery American Eagle E Pluribus Unum Hundred and One Antiques $800.00
Antique Silver Double Headed Eagle Russian Or Austrian Order? Hundred and One Antiques $1,600.00
122d Regiment Army Medals (New York) David Anthony $225.00
Pair of European Porcelain Busts -Napoleon and Josephine Hundred and One Antiques $370.00
Napoleonic Porcelain Bust of French Napoleon Marshal Joachim Murat Hundred and One Antiques $250.00
WWI Iron Cross First Class Award Souvenir Paperweight - Imperial 1914 Brandywine Militaria $77.00
WWII Japanese Navy First Class Correspondence Badge - IJN Brandywine Militaria $1,835.00
World War II Order of the German Eagle with Swords anandapura $1,800.00
Hesse-Kassel Waterloo Veteran Medal Minted From French Cannon Brandywine Militaria $300.00
Imperial German 135 Infnatry Regiment WWI Veteran Badge Brandywine Militaria $88.00
WWI Austrian and German Blue Max Enamel Pin - Pour le Merite Brandywine Militaria $138.00
Three Quarter Size 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class - WWI Imperial German Brandywine Militaria $650.00
Patriotic Lady's Pin 1914 Iron Cross w Hindenburg Portrait - WWI Brandywine Militaria $117.00
Iron Cross First and Second Class Stickpin - 4 Pace Imperial German Brandywine Militaria $62.00
Atlantic Fleet Bar on American WWI Victory Medal Brandywine Militaria $100.00
Enamel Badge for Honorable Member 13th Hussars Brandywine Militaria $189.00
WWI Black Wound Badge and Award Document 1918 Brandywine Militaria $83.00
2 Romanian WWII Medals - One Fascist - One Communist Brandywine Militaria $99.00