All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1900 item #1336728
This is a fabulous set of antique pistol and gun powder flask offered in its original case from the early 1800s. The pistol has its russet barrel and tang with the metal part cleaned. An initial "B" is seen on the metal russet probably for its maker. The gun powder flask has a brass body with beautiful old patina throughout depicting a hunting scene on both sides with a dog and geese running. The case is in great shape with metal zipper throughout...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #1236139
Beautifully made stickpin with three miniature Imperial German medals. Two pins suspending a gold chain with properly fit loops for the medals. The third medal is the Friedrich August Medaille in silver which was a Soxon medal awarded to NCO's in acknowledgement of notable service. The other two medals are the Hindenburg Cross for WWI veterans and the 1914 Iron Cross which, again, was awarded for outstanding service...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Uniforms : Pre 1900 item #1240705
Very nice early 1847 pattern Prussian Belt and buckle. This pattern was used through 1895. Attached sixth image shows the reverse with solder points. The buckle is quite attached to the leather so I decided not to remove it for photos. Rare to find with the proper leather belt. There is one scrunched edge on the leather as well as a small square from an old price sticker. Very nice, early belt.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1900 item #1338777
Offered is an original, well kept brass charger gun powder flask featuring an eagle over circle of 26 stars with pair of clasped hands. The body of this flask is molded with standard motives with the sides fitted with triangular suspension rings. The body shows some wear to relief with the front retaining traces of brown lacquer finish. This rare 1850 U.S. gun powder flask measures 6 inches x 2.75 inches.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1920 item #1245396
Very nice 1914 Iron Sross 2nd class. Ring is hallmarked M . Condition of the medal is top notch and just where collectors like to see it; Very clean, undamaged and smooth but just enough very gentle aging where it is obviously real and with some personality. Nice, crisp black core and nicely toned silver frame. Original ribbon nicely folded. These have long been undervalued and are becoming a hot item with the hundredth anniversary of WWI. Top notch example of a classic medal.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1950 item #1181222
Two signed prints featuring Felix Von Luckner. One of the more inspirational figures of WWI, this enterprising captain was a famous commerce raider sailing a three masted ship with hidden engines and armament. He had a knack for being successful while minimizing casualties which made him universally popular. While he is famous as a raider he did also fight in some conventional engagements including the Battle of Jutland...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1940 item #132572
This is a hand-made wood model Chinese armed junk--24 inches by 23 inches by 6 inches--all carved from scratch-no kit here-even the dolphin bases are carved-no condition problems-great attention to detail--some pieces are moveable-restorations to some flags-made about 75 years ago-has fish eyes mounted on each side of the prow
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #1291605
Very nice patriotic WWI pin featuring a very nicely executed miniature enamel blue max or Pour le Merite in silver colored wreath. Featured in profile in the center is Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Kaiser Wilhelm. Probably Austrian as Franz Ferdinand is featured before the Wilhelm. A very cool miniature of one of the great military orders which, of course, was used by both Austria and Germany. Circular, measuring 2.5 cm in diameter. Have not seen this one before.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1900 item #974713
Austrian 19thc military bronze medal/decoration-has original ribbon-has silver overlay with Roman numerals XX-probably twenty year service decoration-full-size breast medal-no condition problems
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1900 item #22568 (stock #10423)
Commemorative Medal. French. Signed both sides. Reads: Eugenie Imperatrice Napoleon III Empereur. Reverse: Palais de L'Industrie. Vue des Galeries. 1.5 in dia.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Historical : Pre 1930 item #1286165
Historically important binoculars from LZ127 which was the airship Graf Zeppelin. Power marking is 8x25 and the L.Z.127 markings are an exact match to the power markings. Absolutely real, authentic memento from the most famous airship ever to not explode in New Jersey. Shows significant wear as per images and most of the leather covering is gone to time. The optics look clear enough but the focus dial on one side does not turn. I am not a big binocular guy so I don't know why...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1940 item #1299972
Deutsche Adlerorden, Vierte Stufe Mark on the flat pin: “M9/25”. The medal is heavy gold plate with deep white baked enamel. The enamel is perfect. It measures 9.4 mm. In very good quality and perfect condition. It provenance: Collection Boulanger
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1910 item #974240
Belgian Order of Honor medal-WWI -has silver palm on top of red silk ribbon-has crown on front centered in Maltese cross-has unusual roll hanger to suspend it-full-sized breast medal-obverse has Sevre-like logo on back--medal awarded for extended service-it is knights degree-striking medal-no condition problems
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Accessories : Pre 1900 item #1276103 (stock #ES705)
Rare, antique, 19th century, Central Asian Islamic Turkoman Tekke horse jewellery, silver-mounted leather, horse trapping Neckband. The upper surface decorated and constructed of 6 rows of small continuous interlocking silver plaques riveted to the leather, enclosed by silver bars at the ends...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #1280490
Very good looking WWI victory medal with ATLANTIC FLEET bar. Matching tone with the medal and nicely melted into the ribbon, the bar and the medal have clearly been together for the duration. Excellent condition medal and nice strong colors on the ribbon.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1940 item #1292314
Very nice German engraved officer sword. very handsome lion head features red ruby eyes. The front langet shows sabers and pennants indicating the officer was from the artillery branch of service. The back langet shows a blank shield where the officer could have opted to add a monogram. The knuckle bow features another monogram shield laying in front of more sabers, a lance and a cartridge box; All under an iron cross. The grip is a high quality fish skin with twisted silver triple wire wrap...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #1287145
Very cool original WWI German stickpin with two Iron Crosses (1st and 2nd Class), a Hindenburg Cross and a Silver Wound Badge. While the whole medal row is just a bit over 2.5cm the detail is terrific right down to the beading on the arms of the crosses and the 1914 being quite crisp and clear if viewed through a magnifying glass. Great piece to add with a First Class Iron Cross.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Accessories : Pre 1920 item #1225436
Very interesting Imperial German dog tag. This is the second of 2 that I recently found and both look to be from the same area and in the same unit. Lovely script engraving that I have not seen before. All I have previously seen are block letter typed. Looks like Johannes Gerhhardt from a Bremen address. DOB is 15.5.72. Ersatz battalion Ldw J R 72 Gen H No 2837. Really a nice, unique piece...