Victorian Black Silk Trim Ribbon Metallic Threads Rose Pattern 21-inch Vintages $14.00
Victorian Braided Silver and Pink/Gray Silk Trim Ribbon Vintages $39.00
Bacccarat Paperweight 1972 David Anthony $775.00
Victorian Hand Engraved Silver Plated Snuff Box with Beach Scene Fiona Kenny Antiques $40.00
Green Beer Bottle with Etching, c. 1950 David Pownall Willis $45.00
Pair of Glass Beer Bottles with Porcelain Tops David Pownall Willis $50.00
18ct Gold The Derby Double Chronograph Breitling Pocket Watch S Dawson Steven Sher, Antique and Fine Jewellery On Request
WW1 Royal Flying Corps 8 day cockpit pocket watch by H W Wiliiamson Oliver Sargent Antiques £ 685.00
Art Deco Enamel Black Celluloid & Sterling Cigarette Holder in Case Fiona Kenny Antiques $85.00
WW1 military design split centre seconds silver wrist watch, 1918 Oliver Sargent Antiques £ 675.00
Royal Navy issued deck watch by W J Johnson of Coventry no 343151 Oliver Sargent Antiques £ 1250.00
Rare boxed WW2 Fairey Swordfish HS4 watch panel mount, 1939 Oliver Sargent Antiques £ 975.00
Dietz "Eureka" Driving Lantern, No 561 Burner David Pownall Willis $95.00
Omega WW2 issue pilots watch, circa 1942 Oliver Sargent Antiques £ 985.00
Vintage Domino Ware Small Cheese Dish Antiques from Home $150.00
Omega 1956 military issue pilots watch ref 3566 dated 1956 Oliver Sargent Antiques £ 895.00
WW2 Smiths Astral Radio Room Clock, circa 1944 Oliver Sargent Antiques £ 475.00
japanese erotica tobacco pipe sagemono DUOMO ANTIQUES $675.00