All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1940 item #1265420
Excellent WWII German army sword knot. The leather strap is strong but soft and supple. The acorn ball has the correct green and silver top, Twisted aluminum wire on the bottom and the correct tip with green fabric interwoven by six rows of aluminum wire. All topped off with a very pleasant red-brown leather slide. Really nice knot and the cheap way to make that great sword in your closet looked twice as nice.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1900 item #1265356
The GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) was the Civil War Union veteran organization. A sword like this could be purchased by a member vet who was very proud of his service or had extra money (Or both). The blade engraving is very elaborate. On one side is a portrait engraving of Abraham Lincoln. Below that is the obligatory stand of arms which is well executed with cannon, drums, sabers, flags, bugle, many pole arms and even a liberty cap atop the highest pole-arm...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Uniforms : Pre 1940 item #1263365
Nice cockade for Luftschutz visor cap. Nice, even silver wash to the wreath with very gentle rub wear to the high relief of the oak leaves. Red felt center is complete. Multiple piece construction with pleasant, even patina on reverse indicating all pieces have been together as a unit for the duration. Nice example of a difficult piece of insignia to find.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Souvenirs : Pre 1900 item #1262705
Very interesting Imperial German regimental stein. This is an early one as the engraved inscription inside the lid is dated 1891. The engraving has the initials A.F. R.B. and is in memory of the fellow's service (I can't quite make out the exact words) and the date M. 21.6.91 (June 26, 1891. The ceramic bottom of the shell is made in the shape of an actual artillery shell and the top finial is in the shape of the fuse...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Souvenirs : Pre 1910 item #1262666
Lovely Bavarian cavalry stein for one of the royal regiments. 5 Chev Rgt (Chevaulegers-Regiment) "Erzherzog Albrecht von Ostereich 3 Esk (Squadron) 1901-1903. No chips or damage that I can find. Correct lithophane on the bottom. Very nice piece.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Souvenirs : Pre 1950 item #1262604
This is a lovely little set. A pitcher for iced tea, lemonade or whatever and two matching cups with 5th army crests on each piece. The pitcher is about 9.5 inches tall and the cups are about 4.5 inches tall. A local fellow had enlisted and ended up fighting in Italy. The souvenirs he brought home were this pitcher set and his lovely Italian wife. He passed away a year or so ago and she decided she was also getting old and it was time to part with old memories after many decades of happiness...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #1261463
Very attractive badge for 40 year faithful service in the Prusiian Railway. The badge is a perfectly toned silver body with similarly toned gold plating to the Prussian crown and the 40 plate. The reverse has the imperial German maker mark on reverse of the 40 plate reads JOH WAGNER & SOHN BERLIN. To the left of Berlin is the associated half moon and crown logo...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1492 item #1260151 (stock #2906)
Good bronze spear head collar with beautiful green patina typical of Khmer bronze. The iron point is very much degraded (as to be expected) and one spot of “crust” noted in last enlargement. L 17cm/6.7in.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1920 item #1259485
Lovely engraved Hirschfanger dagger or hunting sword. Ricasso reverse shows the early Clemen and Jung maker logo. The work throughout the piece shows early quality and patterns. The engraved blade shows tasteful hunting scenes including jaeger, hounds and foxes doing their eternal chasing, forest scenes and bucks with great racks, as well as the hunting association coat of arms. The spine is engraved with a vine pattern most of the way...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #1258971
Lovely blue and red enamel medal for Honorable Member of the 13 Husaren (Hussars) Regiment. Very well made badge measuring 4.5cm high. I find no damage to the enamel or the rest of the piece. Backmarked A. SCHWERDT STUTTGART. Very cool badge would look great in just about any display.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1900 item #1258853 (stock #MI-5901-KB)
A good quality M1874 set of French Cavalry, enlisted man's armor. The helmet is completely original only missing the liner . The accompanying cuirass and back plate are an original set. The brass chain shoulder straps original with the leather replaced. The front inside rim of the cuirass is marked Klingenthal, Coulaux Freres. Klingenthal was the site of the Royal Armory under the reign of King Louis and was subsequently operated by citizen Coulaux with the formation of the Republic...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1492 item #1258546 (stock #2795)
Mysterious bronze handled knife with iron blade from Cambodia. Very quirky “dragon” handled knife with original bronze sheath bindings, this could possibly be a type of early “meed mor” (Thai magic knife), but to be honest I cannot find any references to this design and style although the pommel has an uncanny resemblance to “Knife with Dragon-Headed Handle, Ordos Type, 14th cent” in the Harvard Art Museum- just google this...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #1257993
Nice wound badge and matching document. Document is in decent shape with the usual crease down the middle. For its age the corners are reasonably sharp and there are no tears or missing material. The last name looks like Kargelain. I can't make out the unit but it looks like it starts with "mg" so possibly a machine gunner? Dated October 5, 1918. The wound badge is very attractive example with nice raised details...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Accessories : Pre 1920 item #1257629
WWI USN dog tag. It is on what appears to be the original chain which is, unfortunately broken. Obverse includes name, Frank Brody as well as what I assume are his birthdate and maybe date of entry to the Navy: 9-1-97 and 6-18-18. USNRF was the US Naval Reserve Force. The reverse shows Frank's thumbprint. Nice piece of WWI history.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Uniforms : Pre 1920 item #1257621
Very nice Prussian NCO pickelhaube with brass fittings. Very nice matching patina to plate, spike and rear spine. Interior is all original with no signs of tampering. There is a stamp in the leather of the rear visor. It is light and the first letter is unrecognizable, after the first letter it looks like K.75 . The negatives are that the cockade is missing on both sides and the stitching of both visors is gone. Even without the stitching the helmet is nice and tight and holds its shape very wel...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #1257609
Lovely Imperial German four place stickpin. The first medal is a nice enamel 1914 iron cross but the prize in the row is the second medal which is a lovely Bavarian merit cross with very fine detail and nice blue enamel arms. The row is finished by a Hindenburg Cross and a black wound badge. Very nice lapel pin intended for wear by the recipient of these medals while in civilian clothes.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Uniforms : Pre 1920 item #1257429
Very nice all original M16 German Helmet. Great example in untouched example. Strong finish on the outside. Rivets are nice and tight and never tampered with. Soldier's name on the rear looks like Blankenberg. Maker and size marked TJ66 for C. Thiel & Soehne, Luebeck. There is damage to the front two liner tongues. The chinstrap is included but I took it off for preservation; See last photo. Very nice helmet.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Uniforms : Pre 1920 item #1257202
Very nice WWI camouflage M16 helmet. Gentler camo pattern then found on most German helmets but a very nice and very undoubtable overall package. Some paint loss due to age and wear and a rub here and there but a great overall look. The liner is complete with pads except for damage to one of the six tongues tongues (Image 5) and small chips to two others. The manufacturer mark looks like TJ 66 for C. Thiel & Soehne, Luebeck. The last number is hard to make out because of the finish wear at that ...