templar knight sword
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All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1800 item #1296829
This sword is not repeat is not a glitzy trashy replica produced for the grand tour crowd by Toledo-It is an early 19thc or late 18thc- hand forged steel Spanish sword in the traditional style of EL CID-sharp blade is hand forged, beveled and honed- tip is razor sharp--it is a fighting sword and not a decorative toy. No repairs or scabbard-no rust but blade has black spotting-grip is steel wrapped-37.5 inches long-sword has heft
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1940 item #1296598
Gorgeous example of a rare dagger. N.P.E.A. student dagger with bottom crossguard marked N.58 . This is an early number and the "N" indicates the school to be Naumburg/Saale. Students had the option of engraving the school on the upper crossguard and this one is indeed engraved N.P.E.A. Naumburg/Saale. I believe the upper engravings were done upon graduation. The blade is an extremely nice example with very minor age wear and cross graining still showing...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1800 item #1295234
Very nice 18thc Ottoman Turk flintlock blunderbuss--piece is complete with extensive marking on barrel by maker-piece shows wear-has brass furniture-very minor rust with brass butt plate starting to separate-21 inches long-has strap buckle, so probably used by cavalry-hardwood stock
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1910 item #1295109
Rare Sudanese double bladed Haldie fighting dagger-has polished bone grip-both blades engraved on both sides near hilt--one engraving depicts abstract of human- leather scabbards show wear--blades in good shape-25 inches long
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1910 item #1295090
antique Scottish Skene Dhu dagger with silver mounts on scabbard and and grip -faceted cut topaz at pommel-part of blade serrated-wood grip has intentional curve for easy clasp-minor wear to carved wood grip and leather scabbard--8 inches long in scabbard
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Historical : Pre 1920 item #1293310
This is a great looking WWI German patriotic pin or brooch. The center is a transparent dome with an Imperial navy flag. Around that is a laurel wreath with bow. Around that layer is an attractive blue enamel field with gold colored border. Very nice piece; One would think maybe for the wife of a sailor. A little over 4cm wide.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1900 item #1293080 (stock #AR7056)
Shab Antiques Inc.
Age: c.a. 18th Century. Origin: Ottoman, Turkey. Description: A magnificent Yataghan (Ottoman sword) featuring a bone handle and silver wire decorations on both sides of Damascus blade. Turkish poems are inlayed on one side and owner’s name “Hassan” on the other side. The sword is In very good condition. The sword also comes with a black leather scabbard which shows a bit of wear. Dimensions: 78 cm long
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1837 VR item #1293052
This is a rare medal with great history behind it. This commemorative war medal was instituted by Elector (Kurfürst) Wilhelm II on 14 March 1821 to recognize Hessian soldiers who took part in the second and final round of the Napoleonic Wars 1814-1815. Inscribed on the edge is "AUS EROBERTEM GESCHÜTZ" which translates to "From captured cannon", indicating that the metal used for this decoration was from a cannon captured at Waterloo...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1950 item #1292841 (stock #504)
For sale is this good WW2 RAF issue Bulova A11 pilots or navigators watch, dated 1941. Full Bulova case marking to the case back and then further inscribed with the RAF issue markings for RAF use. The watch retains a high proportion of its original plate, its original dial and hand set that are in excellent condition, it also contains its rare moisture paper disc to the case movement and its original movement dust cover...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Historical : Pre 1920 item #1292545
Absolutely lovely Imperial German war veteran flag or standard or banner. Whatever it is it is gorgeous and shows the manufacturing techniques of a bygone time. The flag has a nice, solid cotton base and sandwiched by a silk layer on each side. As is usually the case with such flags the silk has been damaged. It just doesn't take a very long period of neglect to ruin silk. Luckily the embroidery and bullion is anchored to the cotton so no details or trim work is lost...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #1292417
Deutscher Krieger Bund veteran medal with chain suspending a veteran badge that shows a shoulder board from the the Infantry Regiment. Nice looking medal.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1940 item #1292237 (stock #455)
For sale is this super fine and incredibly rare WW2 Longines military issued deck watch from the South African Air Force, circa 1940. Ultra fine fully signed Longines gilt 19.71N caliber movement in fine working order having just been serviced. Very fine original dial and original blued hands with centre sweep seconds hand. Rare Staybright case with original glass. South African WW2 miltary time keeping items are rare, and issued deck watches even more so...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1950 item #1292235 (stock #423)
On offer is this very fine and extremely rare WW2 Seikosha military issue Japanese Naval 30hour clock with strike. Full military issue markings including Inspection Mark and Anchor Mark at lower left and right dial base. Full working order including strike which sounds the hours watch. For anyone interested in Japanese Naval histroric items,Clocks of this type have been recovered from wrecks of Japanese naval class Cha-18, Cha-21 and Cha-23 type submarine chasers...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1990 item #1292233 (stock #304)
For sale this fine Tutima original military issue Nato Pilots chronograph, from the German Air Force, including its very rare Nato Stores outer wrapping box, its original military spec fully signed dial and hands set. The watch has been upgraded with a new Tutima dial and hands set for every day use. It has also been fully serviced by a Tutima 5100 specialist in Germany.This very rare watch is in full working order and retains its original Lemania 5100 automatic movement...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Pre 1950 item #1292232 (stock #290)
A very fine and original Smiths Royal Air Force Sector Clock from WW2 and dated 1942. Full RAF issue marks to the 14inch dial, movement and case. This is an extremely rare Sector Clock in original and unrestored condition. The Smiths version was considered by the RAF much better than the Elliott version that it replaced...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Edged Weapons : Pre 1900 item #1291881
1849 dated model 1840 cavalry saber by Ames Mfg Co Cabotville. This model which predated the model 1860 is a big, heavy thing nicknamed "The Wristbreaker" and the only thing worse then swinging one would be to be on the other end. The handle wrapping is long gone and the metal parts have been painted gold long, long ago as was often done in veteran groups such as GAR. This is more subtle then in my flash heavy photos but gold painted it is...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Uniforms : Pre 1940 item #1291802
Interesting bright red sash with kanji that translates to "Naval Aircraft Technician". I believe this would be worn on the flight deck in a similar manner that we still have different color shirts for maintenance, fire control etc. This way the confusion of a bustling aircraft carrier flight deck is a little easier to figure out. The original sewn hem of the sash is intact but it was cut apart at some point but still very displayable and if being put on a dummy could certainly be resown or pinne...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Militaria : Decorations : Pre 1920 item #1291605
Very nice patriotic WWI pin featuring a very nicely executed miniature enamel blue max or Pour le Merite in silver colored wreath. Featured in profile in the center is Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Kaiser Wilhelm. Probably Austrian as Franz Ferdinand is featured before the Wilhelm. A very cool miniature of one of the great military orders which, of course, was used by both Austria and Germany. Circular, measuring 2.5 cm in diameter. Have not seen this one before.