The Teaching of Buddha Black Dog Antiques $10.00
1stED L-W~ Wanderer of the Wasteland ~Zane Grey 1923 Black Dog Antiques $10.00
A Rare Historical Medical Book A Certain Ambiance $4500.00
Miniature Book 1923 Calendar Sirop de Deschiens Paris Vintages $28.00
Robert Louis Stevenson - LETTERS TO HIS FAMILY Vol. 1&2 Fiona Kenny Antiques $55.00
"Histoire de l'Algerie" par Leon Galibert, 1843. Galerie Hafner $360.00
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Book: Indian Wars of the United States, Moore, 1853 SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $325.00
Fabre's Book of Insects 1935 Detmold Illustrations St. Johns Art and Antiques $100.00
Mireille by Frederic Mistral STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $285.00
The Glory & the Shame of England(2 Vols.)~ Lester 1841 Black Dog Antiques $125.00
Ulysses S. Grant presentation copy of Bunker Hill book Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $1,500.00
Pocket & Wrist Balance Staff Interchangeability List 1979 Out-of-Stock Watch Company $19.00
Rare First Edition and Printing WORLD ENOUGH AND TIME GlitzQueen History and Art to Wear $45.00

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Ricorda di Pompei ~ Qual'era ---Qual'e Black Dog Antiques $20.00
1st edition rare illuminated book papier-mache binding Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Rare 1901 First Edition The Violet Fairy Book GlitzQueen History and Art to Wear $275.00

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1st ED Terrapin's Pot of Sense Black Dog Antiques $10.00