Monumental Silver: Selections from the Gilbert Collection Black Dog Antiques $10.00
The Baur Collection: "Chinese Jades & Other Hardstones" No.990/1500. Galerie Hafner $600.00
shipping included
Book: “Art of Japan” by Danielle and Vadime Elisseeff Ancient East $95.00
Book: “The Inro Handbook” by Raymond Bushell Ancient East $55.00
Emperor Qin Shihuang's Eternal Terra Cotta Warriors + Horses Black Dog Antiques $10.00
Williamsburg ~ Decorating with Style Black Dog Antiques $30.00
Japanese Swordsmiths by Willis M Hawley Hardcover June 1981 Book Brandywine Militaria $385.00
Bibliography of the Japanese Empire by Fr. Von Wenckstern. 1970. 2 Vol Brian Page Antiques £55.00
The Hand Cannons of Imperial Japan by Harry Derby - Refernce Book Brandywine Militaria $90.00
Later Japanese and Chinese works of Art and Snuff Bottles A Certain Ambiance $39.00
Fine Later Japanese and Chinese Works of Art A Certain Ambiance $19.00
Japanese Works of Art - Sotheby's Catalogue A Certain Ambiance $45.00
6 Volumes - FMR Franco Maria Ricci Magazine - 1985 - Milan E & M Perez $55.00
Five Centuries of Italian Majolica - Giuseppe Liverani - 1960 E & M Perez $50.00
La Ceramique Islamique-Le Guide du Connaisseur 1985 Jean Soustiel E & M Perez $190.00
Majoliques Italiennes Du Musee Des Arts Decoratifs De Lyon - 2001 E & M Perez $90.00
Catalogue Of The Morse Collection Of Japanese Pottery E & M Perez $65.00
Betty Ring GIRLHOOD EMBROIDERY 1650-1850 2 Volume Set 1993 E & M Perez $145.00