23 Vintage Photographs "Folk Art in Orissa, India" by Dorothy Norman Galerie Hafner $1,800.00
shipping included
Souvenir "Celebration of the 2500th Anniversary of the Persian Empire" Galerie Hafner Pending
Ten Large Albumen Photographs of Spain by J. Laurent, 1870/80. Galerie Hafner $520.00
shipping included
Wallace Nutting photograph "Slyvan Dell" A Certain Ambiance $75.00
Albumen photograph of shallow pool at Pompei Italy. Circa 1870 Delaplane Antiques
Albumen photograph of 3 large columns at Pompeii Italy. 1870’s Delaplane Antiques $45.00
Double daguerreotype locket 1850’s husband and wife Delaplane Antiques $280.00
1880’s Men Boxing Tintype Photograph Kensington House Antiques $160.00
Very large hand colored albumen photograph Venice c. 1890 Delaplane Antiques $450.00
Large Photograph Wizard Island Crater Lake 20th century Delaplane Antiques $450.00
Large photo MT. RAINER – TIPSCO LAKE 20th century. Delaplane Antiques $450.00
Original Photo Amazon Rain Forest Native with Headdress E & M Perez $250.00
RARE Large Colored Photo of MAUNA KEA from Hilo Bay ca 1930 E & M Perez $625.00
Original Vietnam UPI Photo - Kyoichi Sawada - US Soldier 1966 E & M Perez $950.00
Wedding Photo 8x10 B W c1950s Vintages $18.00
Wedding B&W Photo Renee Studios Chicago Art Deco 1920s Vintages $24.00
Victorian Wedding B W Photo c1900 San Francisco Vintages $12.00
Victorian Wedding B W Photo c1900 San Francisco Vintages $12.00