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A coffee table book with full-page colored photos produced by Clint Clemens and Tyler Smith. Published in 1986 by Universal Press, Providence, RI. In excellent condition with dustjacket.
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Abe's Treasures
Description of item: This is a wonderful book about the world famous art glass maker, Dale Chihuly, entitled: "Chihuly: Color, Glass and Form". It is full of beautiful color photographs of his co-workers, all of whom signed their photos in the book. The very interesting thing about this book is that on the front inside cover, first page, is a original work drawing, signed by Chihuly, which makes this book very rare...
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Dakota Arts
Inquire for Price
5" x 7.25" x .4". Very good condition glued label on interior, otherwise excellent. "Handbook of the Old Shrines and Their Treasures" is a book I bought as a lot from Christie's Auction House in the early 2000s. Published in Japan by the bureau of Religions, Department of Education in 1920 it describes significant temples, shrines and includes maps and photographs of significant art works in these locations. It also includes a color map. Interesting and rare book.
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Recent Locomotives: Illustrations, with descriptions and specifications and details, of recent American and European locomotives, reprinted from the Railroad Gazette. Enlarged edition: Including a chapter on compound locomotives. 1886 Published by the Railroad Gazette, No...
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"Mesdemoiselles Mignonnettes d'hier à aujourd'hui" is a book by Agathe Philip with a preface by Samy Odin that is used as the catalogue for the exhibit held at Musée de la Poupée from September 2014, 2014 to January 24, 2015. This book tells the history of pockets dolls from "La Poupée Modèle" period until today. You will be pleased to find a pattern to make a dress for your 5" pocket doll...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : Pre 1970 item #1273854 (stock #10)
This intimate and documentary book shows more than 700 dolls of the Odin collection exhibited in the Musée de la Poupée-Paris. Each chapter presents a different category of dolls. 9,5" X 12" - 256 pages - more than 500 photos - By Samy Odin – ( in English)

Vous pouvez avoir ce même livre en français, voir livre "Par amour pour les Poupées
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : Pre 1920 item #1273849 (stock #10)
Mignonnette, her history, wardrobe and miniature world - 1878-1917
A reference book on the all bisque dolls linked to the famous French children's magazine, including patterns, printed fabric sheets and cardboard sheets as well as historical research. By Mathilde Héritier and Samy Odin (in french).8 1/4 X 11 3/4 inch – 296 pages – 83 photos

Livre reprenant l'historique richement illustré sur les poupées de poche (mignonnette), de la revue La Poupée Modèle...
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Reference study of all the fashion dolls contemporary to Barbie. Barbie has long been the center of fashion doll collector's interest. Today, several different fashion dolls share this market with her. This book is an alphabetical classification of technical forms. Dolls are classified per country and doll maker...
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Catalog divided in 3 parts : historical plush firms, today's French plush animals makers and current artists' créations.8,5" X 12" - 80 pages - + 150 photos - by Samy Odin – (in french and english)

Livre Boules de poils, le meilleur de la peluche française, 1876-2006 Livre articulé en 3 parties : les fabricants historiques de peluche, les gammes actuelles et les créations d'artistes contemporains...
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This book presents hundreds of scraps from the Victorian period selected in the Odin collection...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : Pre 1960 item #1273807 (stock #10)
Rational directory of the Gautier-Languereau fashions for Bleuette, chronological classification of the novelties, chapters related to each type of Bleuette dolls. 8,5" X 12" - 415 pages - + 1500 photos - by Monique Couturier and Samy Odin – (in french and english)

Ce livre est un répertoire raisonné de la poupée Bleuette, mascotte de La Semaine de Suzette, et de sa garde-robe d'origine de confection Gautier-Languereau de 1905 à 1960...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : Pre 1970 item #1273806 (stock #10)
This book presents the production of more than 60 French doll makers between 1960 to 1979. More than 200 dolls are pictured and described. 8.5" X 12" - 80 pages - + de 150 photos - by Samy Odin – (in french)

Ce livre présente la production de plus de 60 fabricants français de la génération X. Plus de 200 poupées y sont photographiées et analysées. Replongez dans la passionnante histoire de la dernière grande génération de faiseurs de poupées en France...
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A small blue wallpaper covered book , Old Dame Margery's Hush-A-Bye and Hymns for infant minds 1815. The wallpaper is hand block printed and I wouldn't be surprised that it was used to cover the little book soon after it was acquired. On page 30, the last numbered page, there is a hand written note on the page, The property of Lucinda(?) Richardson, Stoneham January 14,1817. The wallpaper covering is a wonderful blue and the design is in great proportions to the size of the book...
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Published in 2004 by World Publications Group Dighton, MA. An oversized coffee table book that gives a nice history along with large colored photos. The jacket shows modest wear on the edges otherwise the book is in pristine condition. 112 pgs. Appendix lists Shaker communities.
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The Art of Warfare in Biblical Lands: In Light of Archaeological Study (Volume II)

By Yigael Yadin

McGraw-Hill (1963)

p. 247-484. Numerous b/w and color illustrations.

Hardcover. No dust jacket, otherwise in impeccable condition. Please see photos for details.

First Edition.

Currently Out of Print.


This volume covers the history of warfare in the Holy Land from 1200-586 BC...
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"Bar-Kochba: The rediscovery of the legendary hero of the last Jewish Revolt against Imperial Rome"

By Yigael Yadin

Weidenfeld and Nicolson Jerusalem (1971)

271 pages including 150 black and white illustrations and 90 color illustrations.

Hardcover with dust jacket. Slight wear on edges of dusk jacket, book interior in very good condition, no marks or blemishes.

Out of Print


The author, Yigael Yadin (20 March 1917 – 28 June 1984), was a Professor of ...
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The Dotty Pig
Adorable hardcover book of 'Finger Plays' by Emilie Poulsson, for nursery and kindergarten. 76 pages featuring 18 finger plays and nursery rhymes along with charming illustrations. In overall good condition, it is becoming a little bit loose from the binding but it still feels like a sturdy book. Has pencil writing on a handful of pages, and on the front page it says "Stella B. Stockwell 1908". Published in 1893 in Boston by D. Lothrop Company.
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"Ten Premium Tracts for Soldiers" written for premiums offered by the widow of Col. Alexander R. Thompson USA who fell in the Florida war. Some slight foxing on the inside. Very minor rubbing on the outer corners. Otherwise in great condition. American Tract Society circa 1862-1863