A simply stunning natural Melo Pearl weighing an extraordinary 78.12ct, lovely egg shape, lovely pastel yellow/light orange colour, no crack at all, lovely flame, one small spot as evidenced, absolutely wonderful value for money
Delightful Melo Pearl 17.70ct, lovely mix of strong to light oranges here, nice roundness, no crack, perfect for a lovely ring
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A rare, large and fascinating fossilized dinosaur nest containing three eggs, of the family Hadrosauridae, dating to the Late Cretaceous Period (approximately 100 - 65 million years before present). This is a very nice example, the shell exhibiting wonderful veining and coloration. The nest has been painstakingly chiselled from its matrix (surrounding rock), a portion of which is visible at the bottom in the area of the original nest...
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A well preserved large fossilised shrimp of the Antrimpos speciosus species, from Solnhofen, Germany, dating to the Late Jurassic, around 145 million years old. From the famous Lagerstatte deposits of Solnhofen, where some of the most astonishingly well preserved fossils have survived. The Shrimp is of unusually large size, and is of striking appearance on the textured limestone bed...
A delightful semi baroque natural saltwater pearl weighing 4.35ct, nice slightly baroque drop shape, perfect for a pendant. nice lustre, already tested by GIA along with others under their Quality Assurance scheme and found to be natural
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JJ Oriental
A very rare Nautilus (Ammonite) Fossil from Southeast Asia. It is unusual to find fossils of this kind in this part of the world and in this condition. Age:CRETACEOUS PERIOD (MIDDLE SANTONIAN STAGE) : 85 - 84 million years ago. Size: 21cm x 18cm x 9cm. Weight: 4 Kgs.
Stunning oval Natural Saltwater Pearl, very nice shep, some small striations on top of pearl but extremely pretty indeed, already tested as Natural by GIA (Quality Assurance scheme)
A stunning Burma Mogok aquamarine crystal eighing 36.23 grams, lovely twin crystal, very good polish and lustre, 40x25x25mm approx
very pretty quartz with green tourmaline crystal weighing 97.72 grams from Mogok Burma, veyr nice shape, 80x30x40mm approx
stunning Burma Mogok aquamarine twin crystal weighing 64.69 grams, good size, nice colour, twin crystal, 60x40x30mm approx
Burma Mogok blue sapphire crystal weighing 23.80ct, sharp crystal, small damage on top, goo transparency, very pretty colour and a gorgeous crystal 30x10x10mm approx
A lovely crystal weighing 29.96 grams from Mogok Burma with topaz and mica, 3 crystals togeher, most unusual and very pretty, 60x30x30mm approx
Very pretty Mogok Burma ruby crystal 22.25ct, no damage, good lustre, 20x15x10mm approx
Very pretty and good sized Burma sapphire crystal 127.05ct, slightly water worn, nice shape, 40x30x30mm
Delightful Mogok Burma purple sapphire crystal 11.90ct, nice shape, no damage, rare colour, 20x10x10mm approx
Gorgeous 52.50ct Burma Mogok yellow sapphire crystal, twin yellow sapphire, perfect shape, no damage, 40x20x20mm approx
Gorgeosus Mogok Burma blues sapphire crystal 31.20ct, twin crystal, nice shape, no damage, nice blue colour, good transparency, 25x15x15mm approx
A gorgeous Burma ruby crystal 51.00ct from Mogok, nice shape and crystal form, 25x14x11mm approx