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A stated first edition published in 1927 by the Long Publishing Company. A lovely poetry book with Art Deco woodblock prints "Dedicated to the Prisoner, his Keeper and his Judges in the hope that there may come to each a better understanding." Signed by the author. Slight musty odor with light wear on the cover otherwise fine...
A simply gorgeous and absolutely delightful ring set in 18k yellow gold and featuring a very pretty NATURAL saltwater pearl weighing 4.52ct. The pearl, in a pleasing semi-baroque shape, is a nice ivory in colour. One feint spot on the top as evidenced in our second pic but otherwise surface is clean from obvious spotting. The pearl has been tested by the Gemological Institute of America under their Quality Assurance policy and has been labelled as Natural...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : Pre 1920 item #1258369
An unstated first edition published in 1910 by Richard G. Badger, The Gorham Press Boston. A name is written in pencil on the free paper; there is also a date under Albee's name on the title page.The gray linen boards show some discoloration and the pages are uncut. A fine copy.
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : Pre 1930 item #1258368
A rare, unstated first edition published in 1925 by The Flying Stag Press, NY. A selection of poetry - we believe the book written by the wife of radio and Hollywood personality, Lawrence Tibbett. There are green paper boards with paste down label and uncut pages. The cover shows some wear however the book is in fine condition with just a small mark on one page.
Vintage Scandinavian pewter corkscrew in the shape of a Sea Serpent or Snake. Sharp pointed worm.

5" long x 3 1/2" wide
A simply stunning and completely unheated/untreated Purple Sapphire from the famous gem mines of Ratnapura in Sri Lanka weighing 5.51ct. Colour is a superb mix of pastel violet, lilac and blue, very unusual and absolutely gorgeous. The stone is eye clean and astonishingly virtually loupe clean as well! Cutting is good and there is no windowing in the stone - the gem is additionally extremely bright and lively with excellent life and brilliancy...
A simply stunning NATURAL saltwater pearl weighing an impressive 5.9ct. Baroque in shape, the Pearl nevertheless has beautiful lustre and would be ideally suited as an addition to a gem collection or as a pendant. The pearl has been tested along with some others under GIA 's Quality Assurance simply to determine if natural or cultured, and has been confirmed as Natural. We will supply a copy of this certificate together with the Pearl...
An absolutely gorgeous Burmese spinel 3.04ct, deep blood red colour with light reddish flashes, beautifully cut, extremely clean (eye clean and virtually loupe clean), truly the real McCoy!
A brilliant mint state United States Morgan 1891-S silver dollar with exceptional eye appeal and outstanding luster. The coin was cleaned more than 45 years ago, but the re-toning is very appealing. The coin exhibits a sharp full detailed strike with exceptional detail in the feathers on the reverse and in the cheeks and hair on the obverse, and is virtually free of marks.
An absolutely beautiful little melo pearl weighing 6.75ct, lovely 'classic' melo flame, no blemish or crack, lovely medium orange, perfect for a stunning pendant or to enhance the finest of collections
Beautiful ruby trapiche bought directly in Mogok three months ago, absolutely gorgeous and 100% correct
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : Pre 1900 item #1257865
A first edition published in 1852 by the American Tract Society. Written by Mrs. L. H. Sigourney. Small hardcover. The embossed boards show wear and there is light foxing throughout. Sold as is.
A most attractive jadeite jade cabochon weighing 4.95ct, Grade A (no treatment of any kind whatsoever), even colour, very pretty, no black spots or unseemly blemishes, nice dome, attractive medium green colour, good translucency, brand new GIA certification to be supplied upon request for $200 extra
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Geological : Mineral Specimens : Prehistorical item #1257654
A delicate and sweet natural Melo Pearl weighing 5.32ct in this delightful light yellow colour, very pretty indeed. No crack or blemish, very good roundness, perfect for a stunning designer ring
A delightful natural Melo Pearl weighing a delicate 2.08ct, strong orange colour interspersed with yellow-orange, subtle flame structure, no crack, perfect for a pendant
A simply stunning pair of NATURAL pearls from the glorious waters of Lombok in Indonesia, natural NOT cultured and absolutely unique to the best of our knowledge. Colour is a lovely mix of cinnamon with a medium roasted coffee with tiny flecks of yellow and yellow ochre throughout - main body colour is possibly very very slightly lighter than in our pics depending on one's light source...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Numismatics : Coins : Asian : Pre AD 1000 item #1257213 (stock #2785)
Ensemble of 5 coins from the brief but historically very important reign of Qin Shi Huang Di, 221 to 206 BCE, considered the first emperor to unify China. Examine enlargements for condition.
An extremely pretty Grade A jadeite jade cabochon weighing an impressive 1.51ct. No dye or other treatment whatsoever. Excellent shade of deeply saturated green, not dissimilar to the famed 'Imperial Green'. Good translucency and a nice size at 8.00x7.20x2.60mm . Perfect for a stunning ring. Exceptional value for money for absolutely genuine Grade A untreated jade