American Arts and Crafts Metal Leaf Frame, circa 1930 Susquehanna Frames $575.00
American Modernist Frame, circa 1940 Susquehanna Frames $350.00
American Arts and Crafts Art Nouveau Frame Susquehanna Frames $280.00
American Arts and Crafts Gold Leaf Frame, 20th C. Susquehanna Frames $450.00
Modernist Metal Leaf Flat Panel Frame with Carved Edges, circa 1950 Susquehanna Frames $400.00
Modernist Flat Panel Frame with Blue Paint and Gilded, circa 1930 Susquehanna Frames $450.00
Colorful Bustamante duck jardiniere ca 1970 Summerhill Gallery $450.00
Italian, 17th Century-Style Casetta Frame, 20th C Susquehanna Frames $600.00
7084 Antique American Victorian Giltwood Mirror Antiquarian Traders $12,500.00
6791 French Rococo Gilt Wood 19th C. Oval Mirror/ Over Mantel Mirror Antiquarian Traders $15,000.00
7336 Antique 19th C. Carved Renaissance Revival Mirror w/Gilt Details Antiquarian Traders $18,000.00
7638 Antique English Wall Mirror with Carved Winged Griffins Antiquarian Traders $2,200.00
7446 Beautiful Antique Gilt Gold Framed Mirror Antiquarian Traders $2,500.00
Gold Pier Mirror, Federal style Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $275.00
Folk Art Ripple Ornament Frame Susquehanna Frames $175.00
Gold Leaf Casetta Print Frame with Gesso Ornament Susquehanna Frames $295.00
Metal Leaf Custom Fit Frame, 20th C. Susquehanna Frames $180.00
American Arts and Crafts Style Frame, circa 1950 Susquehanna Frames $575.00