Mid-Century Modern Harris Strong Wall Clock The Antique Center at Historic Savage Mill $325.00
Twin Ballerina Blue Clock J S Antiques $332.50
LARGE CHELSEA CLOCK & BAROMETER SET 8 1/2 " DIALS 4th of July Antiques $6,100.00
Large Pragotron Vintage Bakelite Industrial Factory Clock Modern 2.0 $750.00
Herschede Top of the Line Grandfather Clock Asian Rarities Enterprises, Inc. $11,095.00
Tiffany 8-day Travel Clock Alligator frame Antiques On Bardwell $325.00
French L’Epee Anglaise Style Carriage Clock Asian Rarities Enterprises, Inc. On Request
Tiffany & Co. Crystal Regulator Clock Beyond Expression Antiques Sold