Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) in a Gold Cloak by Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
Red Lotus-Flowers with Ink-Painted Leaves by Qi Baishi (1864-1957) ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
Beauties in Early Spring by Cheng Shifa (1921-2007) ART CHINA LEGACY $2,600.00
Chinese Woodblock Erotic Art Scroll - Qing JJ Oriental $375.00
A White Mouse Attributed to Zhu Zhanji (1399-1435) Ming Emperor Xuande ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
A Beauty amid Blooming Lotuses attributed to Lin Fengmian (1900-1991) ART CHINA LEGACY
Two Cats on Rock / Xu Beihong (1895-1953) ART CHINA LEGACY On Request
A Beautiful Old Chinese Paper Fan With Anique Enbroidery Fan Case Asian Art Online $1400.00
Chinese ink painting by Famous Cheng Shifa Asian Works of Art Gallery
Chinese Painting of Bamboo and Leaves in carved frame The Zentner Collection $150.00
Wild Geese and Snowy Reeds by Wang Wu ART CHINA LEGACY $600.00
Sailing in Autumn by Lu Yanshao ART CHINA LEGACY $500.00
Couplets by Li Shutong (1880-1942) ART CHINA LEGACY $400.00
Hanging Scroll of Drunk Dancers ART CHINA LEGACY $4000.00
"Junkboat Musicians" Print by Hon Chew Hee The Zentner Collection $750.00
china old Family Tree shanxi officials scroll The Tretiak Collection please contact
"Merlin" etching by Mayumi Oda The Zentner Collection $700.00
A decorative scroll painting with butterflies & peonies Dragon's Pearl Auction