Chinese Porcelain Blanc de chine Guanyin Dynasty Collections $300.00
Two Chinese Glazed Porcelain Vases. Coins and Antiques Gallery $775.00
Vintage Chinese Porcelain Abhaya Asian Antiques $110.00
A fine Chinese porcelain figure of 'Tsai Shen Yeh' CopperRed Gallery $2,000.00
Chinese Export Rose Medallion Enameled Porcelain Pitcher Coins and Antiques Gallery $450.00
Chinese Vintage Porcelain Vase signed Deng Bihao The Zentner Collection $650.00
Rare Small Chinese Porcelain Bowl. Republic Pd. Coins and Antiques Gallery $845.00
Antique Chinese Vase with Landscape and Calligraphy The Zentner Collection $950.00
Superb Chinese Fa Lang Cai Rhomboid Vase, Republic Kylin Chinese Antiques $1300.00
Chinese Imperial Egg Yolk Yellow and Aubergine Molded Vase with Dragon what pdx $789.00
Chinese Copper Red and Blue Glazed Lidded Urn what pdx $295.00
19-20thc Chinese Molded Egg yolk Glazed vase with Aquatic Designs what pdx $1,165.00
Song Dynasty Style Longquan Glazed Arrow Vase what pdx $4,895.00
Song Style Carved Qingbai Celadon Vase with Phoenix - Dragon what pdx $1,495.00
Song Style Qingbai glazed Molded vase with Floral designs what pdx $1,495.00
Chinese Copper Red Blue and Green Meiping urn in the Yuan Style what pdx $1,895.00
Yuan Style Crackle Glazed Celadon Wine Pitcher what pdx $295.00
Yuan Style Cobalt Glazed Vase with Raised Biscuit Dragon what pdx $495.00