A large Tiang Huang type stone carved landscape S&R Asian Antique&fine Art Collections $5.00
A massive soapstone carved Guan gong S&R Asian Antique&fine Art Collections On Request
Early 20th Century Chinese Soapstone Figure, Coins and Antiques Gallery $549.00
A massive Tian huang type stone S&R Asian Antique&fine Art Collections On Hold
China Yixing teapot republican The Tretiak Collection 4500.00 rmb
Early 20C Chinese Soapstone Figure Figurine Group 2ezr Inquire
Early 20C Chinese Turquoise Kilin Plaque Pendant 2ezr Inquire
A Yixing Tea Pot – 20th Century Ichiban Japanese and Oriental Antiques $150.00
Old Chinese Silver Gilt Agate Bowl Cup 2ezr Inquire
Old Chinese Serpentine Carved Ox Buffalo 2ezr Inquire
Old Chinese Goldstone Carved Quan Yin Figurine 2ezr Inquire
China Yixing bird feeder with ivory clasp Mark The Tretiak Collection 10,000.00 rmb
Yixing Teapot Cup of Light Lotus 20th C. The Tretiak Collection $595.00
China Yixing early 20th Water Dropper Pumpkin Scholar The Tretiak Collection $295.00
Old Chinese Soapstone Shoulo Figure Figurine 2ezr Inquire
Chinese Soapstone Fu Lion Dog Seal Chop Figure 2ezr Inquire
17 Chinese Jade Stone Mini Music Instrument Pipa 2ezr Inquire
Old Chinese Jade Pearl Stone Rose Wood Box 2ezr Inquire