VIETNAM HOI AN NATURAL AGARWOOD S&R Asian Antique&fine Art Collections $350.00
INDONESIAN JAYAPURA AGARWOOD S&R Asian Antique&fine Art Collections $1,200.00
china old toggle The Tretiak Collection $20,000.00
china old`cane niu jiao The Tretiak Collection $15000.00
Chinese Superbly Carved Wood Liu Hai Dynasty Collections $800.00
Chinese Zitian Wood Book Box With Bone & Jade Inlays. Coins and Antiques Gallery $1,245.00
c hina old s nuff The Tretiak Collection 10,000.00 rmb
china old toggle lion The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Large Chinese Wood Jewelry Chest Coins and Antiques Gallery $875.00
Chinese Carved Boxwood Figure; Guanyin. Coins and Antiques Gallery $775.00
chin a old toggle one boy 3 lions The Tretiak Collection Pending
Chinese Hexagonal Zitan and Ivory Box Helen M Edwards $400.00
Chinese Zitan Wood and Ivory Box, Signed Helen M Edwards $400.00
Carved Chinese Rosewood Happy Buddha with 5 playful Children Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $145.00
Unusual Chinese Carved Rootwood Tripod Censor Dynasty Collections $600.00
china old man statue The Tretiak Collection 8000.00 rmb
Chinese Wood Immortal Figurine Statue Liu Hai and His 3 Legged Toad Heirloom Estate Services $395.00
china old hatstand 19h30s The Tretiak Collection 20,000.00 rmb