Japanese Gofun Face Doll in Dance Pose with Fan Heirloom Estate Services $400.00
Bijin Ningyo by Renowned Master Hirata Goyo II Japanese Art Site $5400.00
Old Japanese Hakata Doll Erotic Sex Old Man Figurine 2ezr Inquire
A Japanese Emperor Doll -Girls Day Festival –19th/20th Ichiban Japanese and Oriental Antiques $595.00
Japan's First Emperor Jimmu, Musha Ningyo by Beishu Japanese Art Site $5000.00
Shoki the Demon Queller, Musha Ningyo by Master Beishu Japanese Art Site $5000.00
Japanese Geisha Bijin in Dance Pose Doll with Drum Heirloom Estate Services $350.00
Japanese Maiko Geisha Ningyo Doll with Feather Collar Heirloom Estate Services $475.00
Japanese Hakata Figures of a Calligrapher & Fisherman Asian Rarities Enterprises, Inc. $125.00
Japanese Boy's Day Armor and Helmet Set Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
Old Japanese Hakata Erotic Geisha Figurine Figure 2ezr Inquire
Two Ichimatsu Dolls – Big Sister-Little Sister – Showa Ichiban Japanese and Oriental Antiques On Hold
A Japanese Ichimatsu Doll – Fully Articulated Ichiban Japanese and Oriental Antiques On Hold
Japanese Geisha Doll Soft Brocade Kimono Gofun Face Heirloom Estate Services $375.00
Very Rare Japanese Geisha Doll in Turquoise Kimono Heirloom Estate Services $450.00
Tall Japanese Maiko Geisha Doll with Butterfly Obi Heirloom Estate Services $750.00
Japanese Geisha Bijin Musician Doll Holding Shamisen Heirloom Estate Services $400.00
Gosho Ningyo Warrior by the 10th Generation Rozon Japanese Art Site $7300.00