Japanese Vintage Mingei Craft Shoes Made of Straw, Hemp etc GALLERY TSUMUGI $100.00
Antique Japanese Bronze/Copper Pair Glass Lamps Kodo Arts $675.00
Japanese Vintage Mingei Folk Craft Snow Hood Made of Palm GALLERY TSUMUGI $180.00
china bambooo incense ssticks box The Tretiak Collection
8 tatami-mat size Yutan oilcloth sheet t a t a m i $250.00
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Antique Japanese Pair Copper Lanterns C.1940 Kodo Arts $750.00
Set of 4 paper-mache Kyogen sagamen masks t a t a m i $220.00
Japanese Vintage Folk Craft Mino Made of Rice Straw GALLERY TSUMUGI $350.00
Bamboo Vase Carved with Frogs, Usho The Kura $1,500.00
Japanese Vintage Folk Craft Mingei Kyahan Shin Cover GALLERY TSUMUGI $80.00
Antique Japanese Zelkova Wood Shishi Lion Carving C.1935 Kodo Arts $395.00
Japanese Vintage Folk Craft Shoes Made of Rice Straw GALLERY TSUMUGI $140.00
china toggl es The Tretiak Collection
China old table screen wood and marble qimg The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Stencil of combs - reversible wooden workboard of Japanese craftsman hotoke antiques $80.00
Vintage Japanese Bamboo craft of Lucky mallet and Coins t a t a m i $180.00
Antique Japanese Bronze C.1935 Oil Lamp Kodo Arts $2,500.00