Antique Japanese Zen Temple Bronze Bell Dated C.1929 Kodo Arts $2,800.00
Bronze suiteki water dropper, gourd and reishi, Japan, 20th century Welcome To Another Century $65.00
Japanese Bronze Zun Style Vase by Kibundo Goto antiques On Request
Vintage Japanese Bronze Lantern for Garden Kiku Imports $2,500.00
Japanese Bronze Lotus Usubata The Zentner Collection $350.00
Japanese Bronze Suiban with Elephant Head Handles The Zentner Collection $375.00
Japanese Signed Bronze Suiban with Scrolling Motifs The Zentner Collection $400.00
Antique Japanese Pair Copper C.1930 Buddhist Altar Flowers Kodo Arts $880.00
China Old brooms toad with money The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Antique Japanese Cicada Bronze Garden Lantern Kodo Arts $1,100.00
Japanese Inlaid Suiteki by Yamamoto Akira Goto antiques On Request
Japanese Vintage Metal Vase Rustic Copper GALLERY TSUMUGI $250.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Garden Lantern C. 1935 Kodo Arts $5,500.00
Vintage Japanese Bronze Flower Vase Usubata Kiku Imports $150.00
Authentic Murashido Japanese Bronze Flower Vase Kiku Imports $650.00
Authentic Contemporary Murashido Japanese Bronze Flower Vase Kiku Imports $800.00
Vintage Japanese Bronze Dove Hato Okimono Kiku Imports $1,500.00
A Modern Japanese Murashido Turned Bronze Vase. Nakajima Yasumi II Spoils of Time $400.00