Lead lures - Unusual old school Japanese fishing tackle hotoke antiques $100.00
Japanese industrial copper kettle hotoke antiques $50.00
Japanese Silver Cup by Tamagawa Norio Goto antiques $900.00
Japanese Bronze Daikoku Statue Tokugawa Antiques $325.00
Japanese Iron Tea Chain, Kettle Hook Tokugawa Antiques $150.00
1930s Japanese silver SALT samurai crests Dmitry Levit Asian Art $100.00
Japanese Bronze Akita Dog Sculpture Tokugawa Antiques $395.00
Japanese bronze duck okimono made by Tsuda Shinobu Yumekoubou On Request
Japanese bronze vase "Gake" made by Hasuda Shugoro Yumekoubou On Request
Japanese bronze vase with inlay design made by Kanamori Eiichi Yumekoubou On Request
Japanese Bronze vaes by Kanaya Gorosaburo XI Yumekoubou On Request
china bronze belt hook The Tretiak Collection 200000
chnia old incense brazier The Tretiak Collection
Bronze hand warmer, Nakagawa Joeki X, gourds, Japan Taisho/Showa Welcome To Another Century Inquire
Cast Iron Tetsubin with Bronze Lid, Ryubundo Tokugawa Antiques $495.00
Japanese metal tobacco box made by Tankin company carved by Katsukiyo Yumekoubou On Request
cjina old bronze vase The Tretiak Collection qomgwem
Japanese Bronze vase made by Takahashi Kaisyu Yumekoubou On Request