Tiger - Japanese black ink painting on handkerchief t a t a m i $120.00
Fukuda Kodojin | Waterfall Jim Knopf Yokohama USD $4,780.00
Modern night landscape painting The Literati Fine Arts Gallery $480.00
Nakamura Yoshitane 20th c. Japanese Exhibited Oil Painting, Kyoten The Kura On Hold
Fukuda Kodojin | Landscape Jim Knopf Yokohama USD $3,830.00
Tomita Keisen | Three Monkeys Jim Knopf Yokohama USD $1,780.00
Okumura Koichi, Morning Tide, 1950s Japanese Scroll The Kura $1,450.00
Sawa Kojin Mid Century Painted Scroll, 1950s Nihonga The Kura $1,500.00
5 Hand-painted Fans by Zen Priest Seki Bokuo The Kura $580.00
Japanese Scroll Painting by Sakakibara Shiko Goto antiques $200.00
Japanese Four Panel Screen with Quails The Zentner Collection $2,000.00
Hikone Castle, 1927 Nitten Exhibited Screen by Honjo Toen The Kura $3,500.00
Antique Japanese Painted Silk Screen, Lighthouse The Kura $1,100.00
Japan Haku Maki Note 23b Big Blue The Tretiak Collection please enjoy
Derori style painting, Calligraphy practice of mother and child t a t a m i $250.00
Antique Japanese Hand Painted Silk Doors, Moon & Birds The Kura $480.00
Zen Calligraphy Phrase by Buddhist Nun Murase Myodo The Kura $850.00
Japanese Taisho to Showa Scroll Sumi-e Painting Figures in Landscape Petrie-Rogers Gallery $250.00