Dynamic bronze sculpture by Hiroyoshi. Early Showa Dragon's Pearl $750.00
Chinese Large Soapstone Mountain with Calligraphy Dynasty Collections $15,000.00
Japanese Vintage Mingei Craft Wooden Tosa Dog GALLERY TSUMUGI $40.00
Chinese Carved Quan Yin The Zentner Collection $4,000.00
Pair of Chinese Soap Stone Bookends, Coins and Antiques Gallery $175.00
Japanese Keyaki Carving of Daikoku and Ebisu The Zentner Collection $1,850.00
Antique Japanese Noh Mask Wood C.1940 Kodo Arts $450.00
Japanese Antique Shoji with Cranes and Pine The Zentner Collection $1,500.00
Bronze study of hedgehog, Japan, 20th century Welcome To Another Century $200.00
Fine bronze sculpture by Yoshizumi Yokoe (1887–1962). Dragon's Pearl $1,350.00
Ceramic figure of a tiger, Japan, Showa period Welcome To Another Century Inquire
Bronze young lady. Tatekawa Yoshiake (b. 1918). Dragon's Pearl $2,000.00
Pair of stylized bronze foxes, Japan, Showa period Welcome To Another Century P.O.R.
Japanese Vintage Wood Sculpture Cute Dog By Himi Kodo GALLERY TSUMUGI $280.00
Wooden statues of the Nio guardians Agyo & Ungyo, Japan GALERIE GELUK Asian and Buddhist Art On Request
Bronze figure of kappa at basin, Japan, Taisho/Showa Welcome To Another Century $500.00
Wooden figure of standing nude woman, Japan, Showa era Welcome To Another Century P.O.R.
Authentic! Japanese Noh Mask Men w/ Urushi Box KAZUYUKI Japonisme Arts and Antiques On Request