An Inscribed Five-Clawed Dragon Memorial Censer, 1934
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china old marble lady wiithout head The Tretiak Collection
Chinese peasant textile hat hotoke antiques $250.00
SAKURA – Vintage anonymous oil painting hotoke antiques $200.00
Japanese hanging wooden chopping board hotoke antiques $180.00
Hasui Kawase Japanese Woodblock Print - Ishizue, Niigata Era Woodblock Prints $600.00
china The Tretiak Collection
Antique Japanese Set Of Buddhist Temple Altar Copper Lotus Flowers Kodo Arts P.O.R.
Antique Japanese Rakuzan Yaki Pottery Crab Vase The Kura $495.00
Hasui Kawase Japanese Woodblock Print - Shower at Imai Bridge Era Woodblock Prints $850.00
Pair Porcelain Republic pot bird G.M.ThailandAntique868 $150.00
Porcelain Republic Vase G.M.ThailandAntique868 $250.00
Pair Porcelain Republic vase G.M.ThailandAntique868 $250.00
China rosewood table screen marble 1890 The Tretiak Collection
China rosewood scroll stand 19th century The Tretiak Collection
Great AMBER & Lapis Lazuli BUDDHIST ROSARY - MALA. 60 gr Dragon's Pearl $1150.00
China old ivory fossil The Tretiak Collection
An Exceptional Oni Shino Chawan by Tsukigata Nahiko Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art $1,280.00
Sale Pending
Ogata Korin Japanese Woodblock Print - Crows and Moon Era Woodblock Prints $450.00