Japanese Mid 20th C. Bronze Vase by Hasuda Shugoro Oriental Treasure Box On Request
china bronze buddha The Tretiak Collection qing wen
Jadeite Bi Abhaya Asian Antiques $200.00
Japanese Mid 20th C. Hand Hammered Copper Vase Oriental Treasure Box On Request
Japanese 20th Century Bronze OKIMONO of Ram Oriental Treasure Box On Request
Sakuchi Ensen 7 Nanban Chatsubo Modern Japanese Ceramics $950.00
Beautiful Chinese Cloisonné Footed Urn Vase with Lid Scholars Objects John L. Young, Inc.
Japanese 20th century black flower holder by LNT SEKIYA SHIRO Oriental Treasure Box On Request
Ogata Korin Japanese Woodblock Print - Crows and Moon Era Woodblock Prints $90.00
Vintage Japanese Step Fumi Dai Kiku Imports $120.00
china old soapstone The Tretiak Collection
Japanese Vintage Metal Vase Rustic Copper GALLERY TSUMUGI $250.00
Japanese Vintage Bamboo Basket Box for Papers and Letters GALLERY TSUMUGI $100.00
Paul Jacoulet Japanese Woodblock Print - Chagrin d Era Woodblock Prints $190.00
Japanese Cherry Wood Tea Box, Chabitsu Tokugawa Antiques $100.00
Vintage scoop tool of tofu maker hotoke antiques $150.00
Japanese black iron Tea Pot or Tetsubin, cast with Kanji mark Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $250.00
china old incnse bunerf The Tretiak Collection