Early 20th C. Chinese Silver Enamel Earrings Marked Asian Art Online Sold
Early 20th C. Chinese Silver Lock For Child Asian Art Online Sold
Chinese 4 piece Pedestal Desk with Burl Wood The Zentner Collection Sold
Japanese Vintage Textile Sakiori Kotatsu Cover GALLERY TSUMUGI Sold
Japanese LNT Shimizu Uichi Yunomi Cup Set A Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
Ainu Bear Signed and Dated, Hand Carved Wood Heirloom Estate Services Sold
Square dish by Living National Treasure Hamada Shoji Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
An Exceptional Lacquered and Gilded Ko Kaw Tee, Burma The Bodhisattva Collection Sold
China Old zitan 3 cups Qing The Tretiak Collection Sold
Ito Shinsui Woodblock Print - Early Spring SOLD Era Woodblock Prints Sold
1971 Oil Painting by Choi Young Rim Korean Art and Antiques Sold
Round Chinese Architectural Fretwork Panel Silk Road Gallery Sold
A Nice Early C. 20th Chinese Soapstone Horse Carving Asian Art Online Sold
Pair of Tokkuri by Japanese LNT Kondo Yuzo Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
Modern Vase by Japanese LNT Miwa Kyusetsu Modern Japanese Ceramics Sold
China yixing bowls and covers The Tretiak Collection Sold
Shoda Koho Japanese Woodblock Print - Sunset SOLD Era Woodblock Prints Sold
Gesso Yoshimoto Woodblock Print - Beach Hut SOLD Era Woodblock Prints Sold