Antique Chinese Bronze tripod Incense Burner Dynasty Collections $625.00
Chinese Red Coral Carved Lady & Child Figurine 2ezr Inquire
Chinese Dark Cherry Amber Seated Guanyin Buddha 2ezr Inquire
Chinese Silver Enamel Smoking Set Turquoise Bead 2ezr Inquire
Early 20C Chinese Famille Rose Trumpet Shape Vase 2ezr Inquire
Japanese Bronze Koi Fish Vase 2ezr Inquire
china old jade toggle frog The Tretiak Collection $1000.00
Chinese Wood Seated Lohan Figure Dynasty Collections $2,500.00
Signed Kamakura-Bori Negoro Lacquer, Hibiscus Decor Spoils of Time $85.00
china old Yixing teapot republican The Tretiak Collection 8000.00 rmb
A child's chapan from Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $120.00
Chinese Coromandel Screen with Porcelain Panels The Zentner Collection $8,000.00
Old Chinese Glazed Porcelain Meiping Vase, Coins and Antiques Gallery $1,175.00
Chinese Gilt Silver Set, Coins and Antiques Gallery $1,975.00
Tsuchiya Koitsu Woodblock Print - Nikko Pagoda Era Woodblock Prints $295.00
China old signet ring bronze The Tretiak Collection 88000.00 rmb
Antique Chinese Jade Comb w/ Archaic Dragon Motif Ancient Eyes $4,800.00
Chinese Carved Jade Bracelet, Coins and Antiques Gallery $675.00