Syrian Brass Repousse Charger, Assryian King, Warriors, Attendants Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $120.00
Silver Overlaid Copper Cigarette Box from Egypt, circa 1900-1950 Intandane Ltd t/a 69A £125.00
a georgian silver belt galerie Cecile Kerner €750.00
a pair of afghan earrings galerie Cecile Kerner €500.00
Three Middle Eastern Copper + Tin Items Black Dog Antiques
Handcrafted Silver Gold Glass Necklace Turkestan Yomut Vintages $95.00
Sterling Saudi Arabia Plate Charger Royal Monogram Heirloom Estate Services $3,500.00
Three Small Silver Egyptian Dishes Black Dog Antiques $45.00
Persian Islamic Iran Silver Sterling Plate MK 2ezr Inquire
Persian Islamic Iran Silver Sterling Dish Plate Mk 2ezr Inquire
Middle Eastern Carved Brass Tea Caddy Cannister Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $75.00
Persian Carved Brass Camel Ash tray Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $45.00
Pair Large Brass Silver Copper Inlaid Mamluk Vases Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $475.00
Moroccan Embossed Brass Camel Bone Bellows Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $175.00
Moroccan Silver Cobalt Blown Caged Glass Vase Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $45.00
18K Gold impression of Greek Seal. Coins and Antiques Gallery $239.00
Pair of Persian Silver Filigree Cup Holder. Coins and Antiques Gallery $229.00