A Blue and White Arita Dish with European Figures
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China wooden toggle monkey The Tretiak Collection
China old huanghuali brushpot The Tretiak Collection
China old wooden lion toggle The Tretiak Collection
Japanese Vintage Folk Textile Boro Noragi GALLERY TSUMUGI $220.00
Ohi Tea Bowl of the 9th Chozaemon Ohi with Kintsugi Gold Momoyama Gallery $1,600.00
Antique Japanese Trench Art Vase from Artillery Shell The Kura $200.00
Imao Keinen Japanese Woodblock Print - Rabbits in Moonlight 1930s Era Woodblock Prints $125.00
Japanese Vintage Washi Tatou-gami Kakishibu Painted GALLERY TSUMUGI Pending
China silver and agate ring The Tretiak Collection
China old wooden seal The Tretiak Collection
Kogo Incense Case by Suwa Sozan II The Kura $195.00
Sale Pending
African Ancestor Figure Abhaya Asian Antiques $420.00
Chinese Han Dynasty Grey Pottery Hu Urn what pdx $385.00
Chinese embroidered lady's robe Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $375.00
Vintage Japanese Cha Tansu Tea Chest Kiku Imports $650.00
Antique Japanese Pair Zen Buddhist Bronze Temple Lanterns W/Stands Kodo Arts $2,500.00
Chawan by Ohi Chozaemon VIII (Choraku) Vessels.jp $370.00
Two Chinese Silk Embroidered Fan Cases Legacy Chinese Art