Japanese Ceramic Shy Young Girl Sculpture Tokugawa Antiques $109.00
Chinese Famille Rose Screen Plaque Huanghuali Wood 8tiger Inquire
Early 20C Chinese Pearl Jade Inlaid Screen Panel 2ezr Inquire
Early 20C Chinese Silver Enamel Cocktail Shaker Mk 2ezr Inquire
Japanese Silver Sterling Basket Dish Chrysanthemum 2ezr Inquire
Persian Copper Huqqah Base Carved Camels Qalamzani Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $125.00
Antique Bronze Set Opium Weights South east Asia Antiquarian Art Co. $1,000.00
A vintage Turkman Yomut cap from Herat, Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $80.00
A child's cap from Indus Kohistan, Pakistan Galerie Ariana $130.00
A finely embroidered Hazara pouch, mid 20th century Galerie Ariana $95.00
A vintage textile from northern Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $250.00
An Uzbek suzani from northern Afghanistan Galerie Ariana $300.00
An Uzbek Lakai textile (segusha) - mid 20th century Galerie Ariana $350.00
china old Peking cotton slippers wood Republican The Tretiak Collection $795.00
Chinese Porcelain Mottled Turquoise & Rust Glaze Vase Dynasty Collections $650.00
china Old shoe toggles seal boxes The Tretiak Collection $395.00
china old plaque wood The Tretiak Collection $1200.00
Kawase Hasui - Woodblock - Rare Temple in Snow Era Woodblock Prints $625.00