A Blue and White Arita Dish with European Figures
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Vintage Japanese Shoin 4 Panels A Set Kiku Imports $700.00
Japanese Ranma Transom Kiku Imports $450.00
Vintage Chinese Ink Bamboo Painting Crouching Dragon Antiques On Hold
Early People’s Republic of China Shekwan Chopstick Holder Abhaya Asian Antiques $220.00
Ifugao Hu'up Basket The Beantree Collection $225.00
China toggle lion+ The Tretiak Collection
China old deer horn seal The Tretiak Collection
China old bamboo poem holders pair The Tretiak Collection
China old Agate ring The Tretiak Collection
Rare Vintage Kyo Tea Bowl with Gold Glaze Momoyama Gallery $395.00
Qing Dynasty Soapstone Shoushan Incised Poem Cup what pdx $135.00
Extremely Fine Majapahit Carved Tuff stone Court Ladys Head what pdx $1,295.00
Antique Hindu Jain Style Bronze Duck Scraper tool what pdx $145.00
Chinese Tang or Sung Bronze pieces what pdx $125.00
Han Dynasty Large Grey Terracotta Hu Vase what pdx $1,195.00
Chinese Tang Dynasty Terracotta Tomb Tile what pdx $695.00
Qing Dynasty Shoushan Stone Figure of a seated Boy what pdx $135.00
Primitive Han Dynasty Pottery Stove Model what pdx $895.00