Offered is an outstanding 1926 pharmacy counter display. This graphically appealing drug store advertising piece is from the Stetson Drug Corporation and is in unused condition.

Measures L9 x W6 x H2 inches and comes complete with original storage container.

All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Apothecary : Pre 1940 item #1251984 (stock #M1187)
For those of you looking for a vintage, optically-appealing, Eye Chart, your search is over!

Constructed of paper that is reinforced with fabric, this chart is not to be missed. Measuring just over 34 inches long x 10 inches wide, it remains in good overall condition. There are various imperfections such as minor stains and wrinkles (see photos) which do not at all detract from the great visual appeal of the chart. A few 1/2 inch, unobtrusive, edge tears are noted...

Offered is a seldom found, veterinary-specific medicine for horses. Condition is very nice, complete with original box which sports wonderful graphics.

Measures approximately 6 inches and is ready to be proudly displayed.

Offered is a wonderful trio of circa 1930s, Parke Davis, pharmacy drugstore poison bottles. Each bottle measures 5 inches tall, sporting graphic, red colored labels and corked tops. Bottles offered at $25.00 each.

The condition is very good for each bottle except for some staining on one of the bottles. Complete labels and undamaged bottles make these a choice trio of poisons.

If you are looking for a pharmacy sign that is nearly mint and sports great graphics, you can stop searching!

This awesome example dates to 1955, is painted and has a reflective finish on the large lettering. This sign is new-old-stock and was never used!!!

This beauty measures 36" long x 18" wide and was manufactured by the Continental Sign and Advertising Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota...

All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Apothecary : Pre 1960 item #1234427 (stock #J1151)
Offered is an unused, vintage "sex" ointment purported to be a desensitizing agent for men.

This cleverly named product came in a diminutive tube measuring 3.5 inches long with its carton a mere 4 inches long. Supposedly, by following directions and using "at the right time", this ointment would measure up to its full potential.

Dates to the 1950's - 1960's era and is in very good condition.

This antiquated medicine with inert contents is meant for display ONLY and NOT meant for use...

All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Pre 1930 item #1212813 (stock #6954)
An unusual and early electric surgical lamp set by the Cameron Surgical Specialty Company c1920s. Famous for their pioneering surgical and medical diagnostic and surgical lamps, this is the full kit with fittings for the ear, eye, various orifices and the odd cavity, including the head-mounted lamp as well. It includes the original 15 x 12" plush fitted case with almost the full array of original equipment...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Pre 1950 item #1207984 (stock #M1231)
This is an interesting surgical instrument with a sharp, hand-actuated cutting edge for cutting ribs. This tool appears to date to the 1930 - 1940 era and is in very nice condition. The makers imprint is marked "PILLINGS, PHILA - STAINLESS.

The tool works fine and the blade opens and closes easily and is 9.5 inches long.

All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Pre 1910 item #1201623 (stock #medicalbook)
This is an incredible rare antique medicology or home encyclopedia of health...a complete family guide medical book printed in 1905. It is ten books in one volume and completely illustrated with gorgeous illustrations. These color illustrations with many different movable tabs, x-rays, color photograph and black and white photograph illustrations, engravings, portraits, botanical section, etc. very extensive volume and extremely large. printed by University Medical Society. by Joseph P...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Apothecary : Pre 1950 item #1177387 (stock #J1107)
Looking for that one item that is a "must have" to add to your collection? Well, here it is! A circa 1930 - 1940 era, graphically appealing, and near perfect medicine tin complete with contents is awaits. This diminutive beauty measures 3.5 x 2.25 x 1.5 and sports an Art Deco inspired label.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Pre 1950 item #1167837 (stock #M1092)
Measuring 12.5 inches wide by 8 inches high, this vintage, hand-painted on board, 1940's No Smoking sign is most emphatic in its message: "NO SMOKING MEANS NO SMOKING"! Most definitely a conversation piece! Fab visual display! Condition is good with paint wear to edges as seen in photos. Light pencil lines to guide the hand-painting are still visible on the front of the sign. (The left side of sign appears darker in photos than the right side...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Pre 1960 item #1167820 (stock #M1091)
This vintage educational chart was published in 1956 by the Better Vision Institute of 630 5th Avenue, New York, to "promote better understanding of vision and better care of eyes".

Measuring 60 inches wide by 40 inches high, this highly colorful chart is just chock-full of information! Metal hanging grommets placed across the top facilitated display back in the 1950's...

All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Apothecary : Pre 1940 item #1160004 (stock #J1070)
Scientific, chemist, laboratory-- these terms all best describe this circa 1930s, unused and most interesting device labeled "Bishops Arsenic Apparatus". Comes complete with original wrappers, jar, black stopper, piping and stained box with label. The box measures 5.5 inches long x 3.25 inches wide x 2 inches high. Condition is excellent.

Perfect for your laboratory, medical or weird science collection!

All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Dental : Pre 1930 item #1159927 (stock #M1206)
Patented in 1923, this wonderful dental tool is marked "SS WHITE CHURNING SYRINGE #1" and is complete with all attachments including directions to create the proper mixture to produce dentures.

The instrument is made of what appears to be aluminum or stainless steel and is in in excellent condition. The syringe measures about 14 inches long x 3.5 inches wide. The box is complete and a bit tattered -- primarily at the seams. It sports 2 detailed labels as pictured...

Offered is a delightful 1940s era reverse painted pharmacy sign. This wood framed drug store sign measures 22.5 inches long x 14.5 inches wide.

Quite visually appealing, the sign is in very nice condition with minor paint loss with flaking on the left side. There is some lightening on the finish as well but it is not obtrusive. The photos actually enhance this effect which is much less obvious when viewed "in person"...

All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Pre 1950 item #1159099 (stock #NavyCase)
World War II era, leather bound, Navy doctor's traveling medicine case with contents. Most of the glass vials retain labels that are marked UPJOHN and some of the vials also retain contents.

The condition is excellent with minor edge wear to the leather case. One vial is missing. Also contained within the interior of the case are a few prescription forms marked "MEDICAL DEPARTMENT U.S. NAVY". Measures 10.5L x 2.5W x 4H.

All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Veterinary : Pre 1920 item #1124402 (stock #M1078ABC)
A wonderful Glover's Veterinary Dog Specific Condition Pill Tins that sportS fabulous Art Nouveau graphics!

This green colored tin dates to the 1910 - 1923 time period and measures about 3.25" long x 2 inches wide.

The tin shows paint loss especially on the bottom and is priced@ $70.00.

The cover and hinge work well. Made by "METAL PKGE CORP...

All Items : Vintage Arts : Instruments and Implements : Medical : Apothecary : Pre 1940 item #1122998 (stock #M1073A)
Incredible graphics say it all for this highly unique, female medicine bottle, BonKora, dating from the 1930s - 1940s era.

The bottle measures nearly 7.5 inches high and is complete with original contents. The condition of the bottle is very nice with only minor staining next to the letters in the word, BONKORA...