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Matthew Messmer Contemporary Limited Edition Japanese Woodblock
Matthew Messmer Contemporary Limited Edition Japanese Woodblock

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Floating World Gallery has been a prominent dealer in Japanese woodblock prints and paintings since the 1980s. We are members of the Ukiyo-e Dealers Association of Japan and the Better Business Bureau of Northern Illinois. We have a larger selection of Japanese prints and paintings on our website, We also run a semi-annual Live Auction, under the name Floating World Auctions(previously operated our under the name, when Ebay used to host Live Auctions, under the selling ID jwppa).

We recently moved our Gallery to 1925 N. Halsted Street, Chicago, Illinois, in the heart of the Armitage Shopping Corridor.

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Selected Artists

We carry the widest range of Japanese prints.
Our Chicago Gallery specializes in modern Japanese art, including the largest selection of woodblock prints by Toshi Yoshida and color mezzotints by Yozo Hamaguchi, as well as the complete line of Watanabe Color Print Co. Heisei Editions. Both our main website and our auction site handle an even wider range of Japanese prints.
UKIYO-E PRINTS include works by Hiroshige, Haranobu, Hokusai, Utamaro, Kuniyoshi, Sadahide,Katasakawa school artists, Osaka school artists, Toyokuni and Kunisada.
MEIJI PRINTS include works by Yoshitoshi, Chikanobu, Kunichika, Kiyochika, Gyosai, Gekko, Toshikata, as well as assorted senso-e (Sino and Russo-Japanese War prints).
SHIN HANGA PRINTS include works by Goyo, Shinsui, Kotondo, Hasui, Hiroshi and Toshi Yoshida, Shunsen, Shiro, Shoson, Koitsu, Hiroaki, Toyonari and Kiyoshi.
SOSAKU HANGA PRINTS include works by Hoshi, Mizufune, Munakata, Nakayama, Onchi, Saito, Sekino, Hashimoto, Hagiwara, Mori, and Watanabe.
CONTEMPORARY (MOKU HANGA) PRINTS include works by Maki, Hamaguchi, Ryohei, and Chizuko and Hodaka Yoshida.
PRINTS BY WESTERN ARTISTS include Jacoulet, Bartlett, Keith, Hyde, Lum, Capelari, Miller, Tyson and Lord.

The prints we have listed on Trocadero and on our website represent only a portion of our available inventory at any time. If you do not see what you are looking for - just ask.

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