New and vintage Hopi kachinas (katsinas) and books for the collector
Is the Kachina Motel a real motel?
No; the name was the humorous name given to a house with a large collection where it seemed "they would check in, but never check out." The shop name and its logo are inspired by the retro motels along old Route 66, where many people first learned about collecting Hopi arts.

Do you have a brick and mortar storefront we can visit?
No, this is strictly an online operation. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we will try to be as “in-person” as possible in our customer service.

Do you sell anywhere else?
We occasionally put items up on Ebay and will have a booth at small regional Native American arts markets in Northern California. It’s our hope that a Trocadero storefront will enable us to provide personalized, centralized service.

Do you sell any other kinds of Native American arts?
Yes! Look for additional listings for vintage Navajo jewelry, and other Hopi craft work such as wicker basket plaques and small pottery items. Eventually there will also be a Books category where another collecting interest will have its outlet (so to speak).

Where can I learn more about Hopi kachinas?
Books, articles, and scholarly studies have been written about kachinas for more than 100 years; there are many easily-available books for your reference. Four of the ones that would be most helpful to beginners are:
Barton Wright, The Complete Guide to Collecting Kachina Dolls
Harold Colton, Hopi Kachina Dolls: with a key to their identification
Jonathan Day, Traditional Hopi Kachinas, a new generation of carvers
Oscar Branson, Hopi Kachina Dolls

In addition, sellers of authentic dolls are happy to share their extensive knowledge; most have been in the business for many years and are wonderful resources. We will be happy to refer you.

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