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About Us

"KAMAKURA RYOUTAN" has had reputations as a shop that features the antiques in Japanese since it was established in 2004. Meaning of "RYOUTAN", "RYOU" is a Dragon and "TAN" is deep water. We have searching for fine works of Japanese art and a curio always, and it look like around for dragon in legend(curio or rare art)from deep water(long history).

In Japanese ancient city "KAMAKURA", we are convinced of the thing which we choose with surely doing a lifestyle wealthily.
Our shop is a traditional Japanese wooden house, was built at the very beginning of Showa era in 1925, in a calm and refined atmosphere.
It is a constant source of inspiration for our growing collection of art, which features many pieces from the Edo, Meiji, Taisho and early Showa eras.

Takamichi Morita is the owner of KAMAKURA RYOUTAN.
He was born and brought up in Kyoto, his grand-father and his father were owner of curio shop, too.
Giving friendly, helpful, and expert service to customers is very important to him. Morita's eye is a reliable, make sure of the facts for antiques. He will help you to find fine, authentic and affordable Japanese Antiques.

In the coming years we hope to bring more and more fine works of art to your attention. Our collection composed of the fine Japanese arts cross over the sea, it will make your happy life that we hope.

sincerely yours,

all the members of the staff


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