Antique japanese Kamakura RYOUTAN

*How long does it take the days by shipment after doing the question about the article and an order?

----> Our shop is sending the answer on Friday, Wednesday and Thursday in Japan standard time after checking mail. It is not possible to reply because of an absent person in charge and the regular holiday of TROCADERO at Monday and Tuesday at Saturday and Sunday of Japan standard time. It will promptly improve it to answer in the future. Please contact it by a direct email without hesitation in the case of the dispatch by any chance.

*I want to give an important person an article as a gift, but is the lapping possible?

----> There is the case that gift packing is possible with Japanese papers. But I am charged a fee. In addition, I cannot do it in the case of the too big article to wrap it. Please don't hesitate to ask in the case of an order.

*Please teach an aim of the shipping.

----> I send it out in EMS entirely. By each country, rates are different by the weight of the article again. When it is to 1kg, in the case of U.S.A., I can send it out in less than about 30 dollars including the price and material of the packing material. In addition, please don't hesitate to ask because rates are a little different by the exchange rate.


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