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The subject to gain is a full load when the episode about the subject about Japanese fine arts, the thing of our store, Wajima-nuri, or restoration, etc. are known.
These episode is updated from now on.
Please introduce our thing also to the direction which is interested in Japanese fine arts or a curio.
I information knowledge and the present situation without the falsehood about true Japanese fine arts.


To Special Dealer and Collector

We have the preparation which particularly keep in mind to a special dealer and collector price if you will order to our items in large quantities or you visit to our showroon in Kamakura in Japan and when the dealings over the future are materialized .
And, please feel free let us know if you have request about the method of payment for which you wish.

There are also attractive goods which have not been published to this on-line catalog in our showroom in Japan.
There is a chance to meet with the beautiful curio of the genuine article which cannot be known only with a photograph.

We are fully aware of the convenience of buyers also about the shipping and insurance from Japan.
We will do our best to send the beautiful Japanese fine arts to the delivery in the whole world.

We think that the customer who has uneasiness about the transportation from Japan.
However, we are performing severe packing for safe transportation.

Please come to the Kamakura store in Japan!
We introduce real Japanese fine arts selected by a good judge of Japanese eyes.



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