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Edo Period Imari Mizusashi Edo Period Imari Mizusashi
Korean Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Flask Korean Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Flask

David Callens

Kita-aoyama 3-14-1
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Meiji Bijutsu

Located in Tokyo and Kyushu, we have been selling fine works of art and antiques for more than fifteen years.

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Who we are

In our catalog, we present exquisite Japanese, Asian and Western works of art, but we specialize in tea ceremony utensils like chawan (tea bowls), chaire (tea caddies), mizusashi (water jars) and hanaire (vases). We also can offer a wide selection of Japanese antiques, vintage and contemporary potteries, lacquer wares, bronzes and other sublime items made by Living National Treasures of Japan and other master craftsmen.

Thanks to the network we have established we can offer dealer prices on many of the works of art we present, and we are always looking for dealers with whom to work outside of Japan. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are always open to offers.

The items listed in our catalog are only part of our stock, if you are looking for a particular piece, just ask us, and we will look for it. Our access to the richness of both the Tokyo metropolis and the “unearthed” treasures of the island of Kyushu make us a partner of choice.



Joseon Dynasty Dragon Jar

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