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Featured Items

A Papua New Guinea stone-carved wooden bullroarer

A rare Nazca or Siguas region tapestry panel

A Sa'dan Toraja door panel

Songye pair of wooden sandals for a dignitary

An early painted bark carrier (angum) by Lily Karadada


A Manus Island wooden handled Kundu drum

A fine Zulu wooden meat tray

A Bullom standing female 'Minsereh' figure

A fine earthenware Jalisco female figure

An Urhobo Janus Form mask


A fine Maori wood and shell chief's staff (taiaha)

A fine Luba Songye janus form fetish figure

A fine wooden Namji doll

A Maya mold-made earthenware avian whistle

"Dario in his Milpa, 1974" by Macduff Everton


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