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Featured Items

A Sa'dan Toraja door panel

A fine Zulu wooden meat tray

An Urhobo Janus Form mask

A fine Maori wood and shell chief's staff (taiaha)

A fine Luba Songye janus form fetish figure


A fine wooden Luvale female ancestor mask

"Fernando Uicab Pech, Potter, 1971" by Macduff Everton

Two fine Bwa or Nuna bush spirit masks

An important Baule 'Gbekre' figure

A fine Sala'mpasu wooden face mask


A fine Kalabari Ijo wooden water spirit mask

A fine Mun Yao shaman's mask

"Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico, 1987" by Macduff Everton

A stone Atlantic Watershed masked male figure

A fine wooden Dan 'Bagle' mask with metal eyes


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