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Welcome to TROCADERO - where buying and selling is always commission free. If you already have an internet presence or are considering one, then you too recognize the importance of including "new media" in your marketing and merchandising strategies. When TROCADERO was conceived, most antiques, art and luxury goods merchants still resisted the concept of selling from pictures and listings on an electronic network. Today, even the skeptics are taking note and making strides toward selling online.

We at TROCADERO are in a position to facilitate your transition onto the internet. If you are seeking to diversify your web presence or are looking for a better alternative to your present efforts, TROCADERO has the infrastructure and savvy to fulfill your objectives for a fraction of the usual investment. What is more, an E-Commerce site on TROCADERO enjoys all the benefits of both a stand alone site and one which draws on the traffic of a collective with strong demographics and a common interest. For those who are hesitant to open a subscription until acquiring the necessary skills, we offer an intermediate Business account (with basic services but including the personalization of other accounts we offer). Sales from a TROCADERO storefront are commission free for any account type.

TROCADERO is designed and maintained by mercantile professionals with well rounded experience including luxury goods merchandising, retail gallery operations, antiques and art center management, regional aution house experience and selling online. TROCADERO was officially launched in 1998 with the vision of providing the most developed merchandising services possible for the least cost to subscribers. Today we boast the most sophisticated services available - negating the need for any technical ability from our subscribers. Our rates are unmatched for level of development.

We hope to hear from you soon. We want to be a part of your future on the internet and are willing and able to contribute substantially. Please feel free to explore our additional information and registration page. We welcome your inquiries and interest.

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