A work by "Komai Otojiro"(1842-1917), a great metalwork artist in the closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate. It is a amazing article and perfect condition as cultural treasure class. As Komai's work has the tradition that Otojiro learned technology from the Higo inlay artist and Shusuke Misaki. There are many works of the texture inlay of gold and silver overwhelmingly(Nunome-zogan). Moreover, when the kind of work also sees the catalog of an overseas exposition, a tower form ornament, a tray, a wardrobe, a ditty box, a flower vase, a plate, accessories, a jewel box, etc. are various. Since Komai made export to overseas the special occupation, the present condition is that there is almost no existing work of his into Japan. Also when this goods which is Komai's standerd type and great article to know the idea of the export handicraft of the Meiji term. Its data value is high, and it shows the superiority of the metalworks technology of Meiji Era. Also on the homepage of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan, this charger and a work of the same kind are posted. A work like this only has several points in the Khalili collection of London. A large iron charger of lobed circular form decorated in the center with monk of Indian Buddhism. The roundel executed in high relief, in silver, "shakudo", and gold and silver "Nunomezogan". "Nunomezogan" is a typical ornamentation of Komai-workshop metalwork productions, large dishes, pagodas, or chests made of iron and completely covered with intricate arabesque or other patterns in a texture of gold and silver inlay. The center surrounded by a band of flower shape panels outlined in silver on a diaper ground. The rim with a band of fruiting vines in typical Komai technique of silver "Takazogan" and gold "Nunomezogan". Signed "Nihon Koku Kyoto ju Komai sei" on the back. The condition is excellent. No crack, no chip, and no restoration. Its quality is the highest and so I am very much confident to this museum quality masterpiece. Please feel free to contact us through the order form on this page if you are interested in this item even a little. The Komai iron charger very just like this is also in Dr Nasser D.Khalili(an internationally renowned scholar, connoisseur, and collector of art) collection. Dating from Meiji. Measurements about : 24.7cm(9.72")Diameter, 2.7cm(1.06")Tall.
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