Komai Otojiro(1842-1917)work. It is an amazing article and perfect condition as cultural treasure class. Since Komai made export to overseas the special occupation, the present condition is that there is almost no existing work of his into Japan. Also when this goods which is Komai's standard type and great article to know the idea of the export handicraft of the Meiji term. Its data value is high, and it shows the superiority of the metalwork technology of Meiji Era. Signed "Nihon-koku Kyoto-jyu Komai sei"on the base. On the side of the silver glove, signed "Chikuei-do Zo". Chikuei-do is the famous store of the metalwork in Kyoto which continues from generation to generation from Edo period about 200 years ago, Kansei era every year. The ear of an incense burner is a face of an elephant. The design of the decent and gorgeous bell is attached there. On the body, the figure of the Samurai which was delicate and lively is ornamented on it, and the skill in which Komai Otojiro excelled is imagined. Measurements about : 19.3cm(7.59")Body Diameter, 23.3cm(9.17")Tall. It comes with fitted wooden box.
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