Age : Edo era, from a middle period to latter period.(1730~1867) This koro is the same high-level goods as the work of art museum possession of Japan. This incense burner is known as "Akoda-melon shape" due to its lobe-shaped bulky body which resembles a melon. The Hoya(globe) and Otoshi(holder)are made from brass. The condition of this incense burner is in excellent and very rare item. The Hoya(globe)is decorated in "Mutsu-me kago ami"(woven basket in a hexagon shape). The body is decorated in gold and shibuichi raised lacquer work with Japanese river and a heron. The base is decorated in nashi-ji makie finish. The incense burner which appears also in the Tale of Genji, it is used for perfume kimono by burning incense. It comes with original wooden kiri-box,Tomobako. Measurements about : 8.8cm(3.46")Body Diameter, 7cm(2.75")Tall.
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