The great work of the very precious cloisonne of the Meiji term. It is rare that the big work of art remains in the perfectly near state. Probably, it is the article manufactured for the exhibitions of overseas, such as an expo. It is decorated with brilliant enamels depicting seasonal flowers are rich in variety and insects on three panel of salmon pink and gray enamel ground. The banded upturned lip and foot of the jar are decorated with geometric designs, Chinese character design, rabbit, crane, sun and the marvelous collar with white chrysanthemum pattern. It is used beautiful shard stone piece as like lame on the black enameling ground of lower part of the lip. An artist is Gonda Hirosuke.(1865-1937). His mark on the base. The condition of this large jar is very wonderful except one very minor restoration. The restoration area's size is about 1cm(0.39").(enlargement photo 10) The repaired part is mended very small and very elaborately. It is not known that this part was repaired only by seeing appearance. Probably this piece has perfectly near quality and it will be certain that it is a very rare work of cloisonne art in Meiji period. It comes with fitted wooden kiri-box. Measurements about : 61cm(24.01")Tall, 36.8cm(14.48")Body Diameter. Please inform us if you have any questions from "order/inquire"area on this page for prompt our reply. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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