August the Strong (1694-1733) of Saxony Inventory marks added to porcelain belonging to the his porcelain collection. Inventory marks added to porcelain belonging to the collection of August the Strong (1694-1733) of Saxony. The first inventory was made in 1721. The inventory numbers is cut through the glaze with a glass cutter's wheel and blackened. A second inventory list of the porcelain collection at Dresden was made between 1770-1779. The second list comprises five volumes recording the original information of the 1721 inventory and the alterations depending on new acquisitions were added. After the death of Augustus the Strong in 1733, the porcelain was packed away in the cellars of the unfinished "Japanese Palace". Condition: Very good condition. Minor rim frittering. Some manufacturing defects. No damage or restoration. Measurement: diameter 22.2 cm = 8.74 inch

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