Lovely Japanese Porcelain Rabbit Koro, Makuzu Kozan 3rdLovely Japanese Porcelain Rabbit Koro by Makuzu Kozan.

Lovely Japanese Porcelain Rabbit Koro, Makuzu Kozan 3rd

This is very pretty Japanese White Porcelain Rabbit Koro by 3rd Makuzu Kozan(1881-1945). Rabbit Koro was with white porcelain. This rabbit also called, "Tama Usagi" or "Gyoku-O". Koro is maked with, "Makuzu" seal. It came with Tomobako. The cover has Japanese written, "Koro" on top. Inside cover has, Japanese written, "Hakuji" (white porcelain), "Usagi"(Rabbit). "Makuzu Kozan Saku"( Makuzu Kozan made) with seal of Makusu Kozan. The condition of Rabbit Koro is excellent, no chip, no crack and no hairline. The eyes are overglaze painted. Daing of Koro around 1920's. The size of Rabbit Koro: 5 1/2" Long x 4 3/8" Wide x 4 1/8" High.

3rd Makuzu Kozan, Katsunosuke (Meiji 14th - Showa 20th, 1881-1945)
Katsunosuke was born as eldest of 2nd Kozan Hannosuke. After 2nd past away, Katsunosuke became 3rd Kozan in 1940. That time was in middest of World War 2nd. Factory had to make many daily like ware and memorial items. That is why you see many cups, sake cup and Okimono. But with fine worker in factory, 3rd Kozan made fine pieces as well as First an Second. 3rd inherited the tradition of First and Second Kozan works. However, in Showa 20th, 1945, May 29th, there was bombing raid at Yohohama by B-29, and the factory was direct hit. 3rd Kozan as well as his family were lost that time. By this fire all of Makuzu Kozan techiniques as well as all of informations were burned down entirety. Fourth Makuzu Kozan Tomonosuke tried to re-establish th factory after the war, but it was not successful. So the works by 3rd Makuzu Kozan was only those four years 1940 thru 1945 until he was perished in 1945.

"Tama Usagi" also read as "Gyoku-o"
The legendary story of Usagi(rabbit) live in the moon. Gyoku-to is also another name for called for the moon because the looking the moon shape like Usagi making rice cake with wooden hammer in the mortar.
Another ancient story from Niigata area on Tama Usagi is: ounce upon the time, there were many Usagi on the mountain, Iyahiko, Echigo(today's Niigata Pref. Northern Japan). Everyday, the group of rabbits go down to rice fields and they damage the fields. So, the farmers went to Great Iyahiko Shrine and begged for the help. Iyahiko God gathered all of Rabbits and taught them do not disturb the fields. Rabbits promised Great Iyahiko Shrine god they will now on do not disturb the famers' fields any more. The farmers in that region appreciated Great Iyahiko Shrine God's deed and they made rice cake the shape of rounded rabbit and offered to the shrine. The shape of Hoya(cover) on this Makuzu Kozan Koro showing as the shape of treasure which seen in ancient Japanese motif.


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