Fenton Diamond Lace Footed Bowl w/Nymph RosaleneThe lady was a painting first, then made into a glass statue

Rosalene's pink color is made by adding gold oxide to the milk glass formula. It comes out of the furnace white and is carefully refired to make the gold "blush" into pink. This item was made and originally sold on the QVC channel and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Frank Fenton. The statuette in the middle is an image of a nymph reproduced from a painting called "September Morn" by French artist Paul Chabas (1912). This painting eventually found its way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) in 1957 and was on display for many years. In 1971, it was taken down and put into storage, the MET deeming the work "too tame and banal".

Many artists copied this image of a young girl dipping her feet into a chilly lake, modestly covering herself . Frank Fenton, Sr. saw this painting in the early 1920's and decided to create an image in glass.

Nowadays, many collectors search for the glass nymph. It was made in many colors over the years.